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How to turn off alarms on your family’s iPhone from your phone

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If you live with others, you have to deal with unwelcome iPhone alarms. Maybe they screamed and slept soundly, or misplaced the device and forgot to turn off the alarm. In any case, the alarm will sound in another room. It’s up to you to get up and turn it off. Or is it?

To the surprise of many, you can turn off other people’s alarms on your iPhone as long as others are part of you. Family shared account..Family sharing allows you and up to five other people to share services such as: Apple Music And find your family’s missing device, as well as your Apple TV +. If you live with a random roommate, you may not be in the same family sharing space and you will not be able to take advantage of this trick. However, many of us live with family and close friends who use this program, so there are many of us who can try this.

There are two other things to note here. Both iPhones need to be connected to the same wifi network, and the other iPhone should have a name that Siri can understand. Once all three conditions are met, you can disable your family’s iPhone alarm from any room in your house.

How to turn off alarms on someone else’s iPhone

The next time someone on your family sharing plan sounds the iPhone alarm endlessly, activate Siri on your iPhone and say, “Turn off the iPhone alarm (in the person’s name).” Siri then prompts you to turn off the alarm. If you select “Yes”, the alarm will sound.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t know this, you’re not alone. I’m not sure if anyone other than Apple knew about this feature by this week. Even Redditor I shared the feature for the first time I happened to understand it: they heard my wife’s alarm go off and jokingly asked Siri on the iPhone to turn it off. Obviously it worked because we are here, but it’s a bit cheerful that we’re still accidentally finding iPhone features. Does Apple even know that this feature exists?


How to turn off alarms on your family’s iPhone from your phone

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