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How to try the new File Explorer tab in Windows 11 before it comes out

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Windows users believe that their operating system has a better file management system than the macOS Finder. The claim is controversial, but one of the file management features that Mac users can keep on Windows is the Finder tab. These tabs allow you to quickly switch between file windows, much like a web browser site. Do it on Windows. At least until now.

Apple has introduced tabs in the Finder MacOSX Mavericks was released in 2013. Currently, Microsoft hasn’t ignored this feature for most of the decade. The company tested the File Explorer tabs. About 4 years agoHowever, in the end I decided not to implement it in the OS.But in March Verge reported Microsoft has certainly reinstated this feature for future versions of Windows 11. This is not an official feature yet, but it is available to some Windows users.

The company is currently testing File Explorer tabs as part of the Windows Insider Preview. This latest version, Build 25136, Makes File Explorer look like a web browser. When you open a new window, you’ll see the active tab in the upper left, and you can click next to the (+) to open another tab. For those who work with multiple File Explorer windows at once, this tab system is definitely a game changer, making it easy to move files and switch windows.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t fully expanded the File Explorer tabs to the Insider Preview program tabs. The company wants to collect feedback and then release it to more testers. However, the best way to take advantage of the new features right now is to register your computer with Windows Insider Preview.

However, note: When you sign up for the Insider Preview, Microsoft will ask you to update your computer with unfinished software. You can take advantage of new features before other Windows users, but you run the risk of inheriting bugs and other issues. You should consider enrolling in Insider Preview on a device other than the primary computer or using a virtual machine to protect your main data. Of course, understanding the risks is now important, so there is nothing to prevent computer registration.

How to register your computer with Windows Insider Preview

With that in mind, here’s how to register: Start> Settings> Windows Update> Windows Insider Program,[開始]Click.[アカウントをリンクする]Select, click your Microsoft account, and then click one of the three Insider channels to select it. Microsoft recommends beta channels, but the development channel is the best way to get the File Explorer tabs early. However, keep in mind that this channel has the highest risk of bugs and other software issues.

Once selected,[続行],[続行]Click in the order of. At the end,[今すぐ再起動]Click and wait for your PC to restart.I’m going home [スタート]>[設定]>[WindowsUpdate]>[今すぐ更新] Install the latest software. If you don’t see these tabs right away, please wait a moment. We hope that Microsoft will deploy this feature on PCs as soon as possible.

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How to try the new File Explorer tab in Windows 11 before it comes out

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