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How to treat sunburned blisters

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Severe sunburn has a variety of symptoms and problems, from nausea to bright red skin.Hey can also need Medical intervention.. They may also be accompanied by blisters that require their own care and treatment. It ’s difficult to take care of sunburned blisters,.. They are numerous, painful and can be fragile. Here’s how to handle them at home:

Never pop tanned blisters

You are probably I already know that blisters shouldn’t be repelled Ruin all types of lesions and cutsBut it’s worth repeating here. Mayo Clinic is clear about this: If you get sunburned, “leave the blisters alone.” Intact blisters help heal the skin, and ruptured blisters are not only more painful, but also make the skin more exposed to contaminants.

Of course, blisters may pop out naturally. As you can see in the picture above, there can be many sunburned blisters and it is unlikely to be sustainable. all When you follow your day, they are intact.If popping occurs, Mayo recommends trimming dead skin with a clean (but small) pair. Gently wash with scissors with a mild detergent and water. Next is antibiotic ointment and BAnd -Ato stop the bacteria from id, You will reach that fresh, broken skin.

How to treat sunburned blisters

Sunburn can dehydrate you, According to Healthline, And dehydration can actually prevent the blisters from healing. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and all the annoying side effects that come with it. ((((Generally drink more water However It’s a good habit. )

For a little relief, look at a cold, damp compress. Healthline advises that you can “take heat away from your skin.” Be careful with compresses. Do not use rough rags or press too hard. Blister.. Instead, use gentle movements, direct pressure, and the softest cloth you can find.

You can apply a moisturizer with aloe, but this also needs to be done gently. Taking ibuprofen can reduce swelling and general discomfort. The important thing is to keep the blisters away from the sun until you reach your heels.

Finally, blisters Will When healed, you will also experience some peeling.Next time, avoid this fate altogether High SPF sunscreen Cover your skin in the sun when possible.

How to treat sunburned blisters

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