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How to thicken soup without dairy

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Autumn, or as most Twitter calls it “soup season,” is the season for eating soup. Soothing noodle soups, hearty beef and vegetables, luscious and creamy veggie soups all work, but when the leaves start to change, the last one of him seems to dominate. There’s something about the velvety bowl that screams “Autumn,” and the only thing that ruins the atmosphere is the watery mouthfeel.

to add sour creamfresh cream, butter, or butter and flour mixture All are helpful, but they can also make vegetables less flavorful—Not everyone can eat dairy products. Luckily, we have many (dairy-free methods, by the way) to ensure your soups get the body they deserve.

Thicken the soup with vegetables (and fats)

The easiest way to thicken a creamy vegetable soup is to vegetables themselvesBlending in some of the cooked vegetables adds richness without diluting the flavor. teeth vegetable. Leeks, which contain high levels of fiber and pectin, are particularly effective.

If you want your soup to be extra smooth, be sure to have a source of fat for the vegetables to emulsify. Aim for a ratio of 1/2 cup for every 4 servings of soup. Cook the vegetables in the fat until they are completely tender. Add broth or stock and bring to a boil, cook for a few minutes, and blend until no vegetable clumps are visible. Need a recipe to get you going?try This one.

add mashed potatoes

Starch is a very effective thickener and is abundant in potatoes. Both leftover mashed potatoes and instant mashed potatoes can be used to thicken soups and stews. Mix with the liquid part.

If you want to use leftover mashed potatoes, follow this procedure ( cover before):

Use about 1 cup cold masher for 1 cup broth and puree into broth in an immersion blender before bringing to a boil.

If you are not using clear broth to begin with, or if you are using instant mashed potatoes, add a spoonful of mash (or potato flakes) and puree using an immersion blender between each addition. increase. to your desired viscosity.

Been It Up

Beans are incredibly tiny, full of fiber and protein and flavor, and when blended they appear creamy rather than bean-like. take a can of CAnnElini or other resemble Blend beans, 1 cup, then add bean puree to soup. Repeat all soup seasons until full.

How to thicken soup without dairy

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