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How to tell which animal is digging a hole in your garden

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Let’s say one morning you go out and it looks like someone (or something) is digging a hole in search of a treasure (albeit a relatively small one) buried in the garden. You probably want to go to the bottom of it.

why?? If genuine curiosity isn’t enough reason, but you want to encourage creatures to move on, it’s helpful to know which one is destroying your property. Here is a way to identify some of the animals that may be responsible for your new landscaping and their handicrafts.


  • Dig a hole shaped like a volcano
  • Also dig a raised tunnel with a quarter-sized entrance
  • Your soil is probably Contains earthworms and larvae (That is, the mole buffet)


  • create A narrow road called the “runway” Overall yard (usually width 1 “~ 2”, top 2 “~ 3” inches of soil)
  • Sometimes dig a shallow underground tunnel
  • My favorite nesting locations are: Near the gardenUsually under shrubs, ground cover plants, or thick mulch, or wood pile


  • Leave a shallow hole to dig food
  • create Large system of tunnels When they dig a hole, the entrance is the size of a 50 cent coin and is surrounded by soil
  • My favorite burrow locations are:Under the sidewalk, next to a house or hut, along the roots of a tree


  • When digging food, they cIt repeats a cone-shaped hole about 3 inches deep, as if a pencil had pierced the earth and then swirled.” according to Ohio Wildlife Center Adam Tarpen
  • It also digs a burrow that is about 8 inches wide and quite deep.
  • The entrance to the burrow is about the size of a grapefruit and usually has pebbles in front of it.
  • My favorite excavation sites are:Under the deck, hut, pouch
  • The peculiar smell of mephitidae is also a sign they are digging, Lack of that odor It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re clear: usually the scented glands of the skunk take 10-14 days to replenish, so you might catch digging between the sprays.


  • dig a hole Similar to Skunk HallBut a little big
  • If you find hair on a branch near the hole, it may be a clue that it was a raccoon.
  • With its nails and small hands Tear the grass Turn the cut grass over



How to tell which animal is digging a hole in your garden

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