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How to tell if your tan may actually require medical attention

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Sunburn can be serious, but most of the time we Treat them at home: Use a cold compress, pick up aloe gel and drink a lot water. However, even if you feel that tanning is one of the things you never think about seeing a doctor, tanning may require treatment. Here’s how to recognize if Your tan guarantees a look by a medical professional.

I have flu-like symptoms

If the sunburn is accompanied by high fever, headache, severe pain, dehydration, confusion, nausea, and chills, Talk to your doctor According to the Mayo Clinic.. For each health lineThese are symptoms of “sun poisoning”, which is a reality and can be quite serious.

Healthline also points out that the risk of sunburn can increase for a variety of reasons. They have clean skin, are taking antibiotics, are taking oral contraceptives, are using certain herbal supplements (such as St. John’s Wort), and are using citrus oils. You can apply it to your skin before it gets in the sun, or live by the equator or in the mountains. If you’ve just moved to a new area, or if you didn’t know that oral medications or recent chemical peels could increase your risk, you could end up with a sunburn before you realize it’s possible. ..

You want to be Watch out for dehydration here. Rehydrate as much as possible and see a doctor.

Sunburn is huge with blisters

Dermatologist Dr. Maral Skelsey told Lifehacker that burns are considered severe if there are “widespread blisters that exceed 10% of the body surface area.”

She summarized as follows: “If you have dehydration, such as fever, rapid heartbeat, decreased urine output or poor capillarity replenishment, and more than 10% of your body surface area is affected, be sure to see your doctor.”

The Mayo Clinic also says that if your tan is “terrible”, has blisters and covers large things, you should see a doctor. A part of your body. Let’s talk about what “severe” means and why it’s important to identify why your sunburn is so.

By Johns Hopkins“Severe sunburn can dehydrate and even shock a person. It is characterized by fainting, low blood pressure, and severe weakness. In such cases, immediate medical attention is required. . “

Johns Hopkins also states that pain is usually at its worst 6 to 48 hours after the burn occurs, so care should be taken if the pain lasts longer.

There are signs of skin infection

If you see swelling, pus, or red streaks due to blisters, you may have an infection on your skin and you should consult your doctor immediately. Mayo Clinic.. You may be prescribed a round of antibiotics. Short-term courses of corticosteroid cream or prednisone may be recommended even in the absence of infection.

In addition to being able to be prescribed steroids, antibiotics and painkillers, Skelcy said doctors may even suggest special wound dressings and daily wound care.

The key here is to know when the sunburn escalated from painful discomfort to serious concern. of course, Wear sunscreen and a protective layer You will always be in the sun to avoid this problem in advance.

How to tell if your tan may actually require medical attention

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