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How to tell if your floor is hardwood or laminate (and its importance)

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eEven if you’ve never pondered flooring you walk on, changes as soon as you buy a house.There’s a reason everyone is on house hunters Ask about the type of flooring in each home you visit: That’s because hardwood floors and laminate flooring are two very different things. It is difficult to distinguish between them.Methat is However, it’s a good idea to know exactly what type of floor you have. Hardwood and laminate floors have very different impacts on home value, comfort and maintenance. Here’s how to tell if your floor is hardwood or laminate and why it’s important.

what is the difference between hwith ardwood laminate?

The basic difference between hardwood and laminate flooring is how they are made. Hardwood is harvested from the tree, while laminate is a processed product. Hardwood is cut from various types of trees, crushed, sanded and finished. A laminate is a composite product made up of four layers. A base layer made of moisture resistant material, a core layer of high or medium density fibreboard that provides durability and stability, a decorative or “picture” layer. Flooring patterns and colors are imprinted. It’s basically a very high resolution photo of the material that the laminate mimics, and finally a wear layer with a clear coating to protect the floor.

Hardwood can be mounted from many different types of wood to get a wide variety of colors and looks, but laminates can be found in a much wider range of colors and patterns. It can imitate something with power, but it can also offer a variety of patterns and colors that are not available in natural wood. Most laminates are designed to look like hardwood,.

Hardwood can be a much longer lasting flooring than laminate. proper careHardwoods last indefinitely, even if they wear and tear In many cases, the worn top layer can be sanded down and a new coat of dirt and sealant applied to restore it to a new look.Laminate flooring, on the other hand, cannot be refinished and is usually They have a limited lifespan, with good quality ones lasting 10-20 years with normal wear. However, laminate is much cheaper to install. Costing $5-8 per square footcompared to $9-12 per square foot for hardwood.

There is also something called artificial hardwood. This is basically high quality plywood with a layer of real hardwood veneer on top. The main difference is a very low installation cost of $3 per square foot and durability. The top layer of hardwood wears almost like the real thing, but he can only refinish it once. at most Twice. Artificial hardwood doesn’t last forever like real hardwood, but it lasts much longer than laminates (up to 30 years).

how to tell the difference

Hardwood is a superior material in most ways, and laminate will eventually need to be replaced, so you need to be able to distinguish between them. Not durable. If it looks like wood floors, here’s how you can tell what material you’re dealing with.

  • repeating pattern. Even the most expensive laminates have a limited number of “patterns” that give them a wood grain look. Look closely at some planks and look for repeating features. The knot is relatively large, so it’s a good place to start, and if you find two that look exactly alike, you’ve found a laminated smoking gun. , it’s probably real wood.
  • Look for dirt or dents. Ironically, despite its overall durability, hardwood is prone to stains and dents. Laminate surfaces are very resistant to both, so if your floor has imperfections, it’s probably real wood. It’s not cancer.
  • Look for nail heads and staples. Hardwood floors are usually installed by nailing or stapling planks to the subfloor. Laminates are usually glued or “floated” If you see nailheads and staples here and there, it’s most likely hardwood.

The only reliable way to tell the difference between hardwood and engineered wood is by looking at the sides. However, this requires access to the sides of the planks, which is usually not the case when dealing with finished floors.

house values

Maintenance is not the only thing you want to know about the type of flooring. It’s also about the value of your home. Real hardwood floors add even more value to your home. More than half of potential homebuyers will pay more for homes with hardwood floorsIf you’re thinking of selling your home one day, knowing what kind of floors you have there can help you set the right price. If you buy a house Knowing the type of flooring will help us make the right suggestions.

The rule of thumb for laminate and home value is simple. Laminate is a great investment in terms of home value if you are upgrading from carpet, vinyl, or other cheap flooring. or consider replacing it with a similar material.

How to tell if your floor is hardwood or laminate (and its importance)

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