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How to tell if someone is sneaking into your bedroom

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Perhaps you have unreliable roommates and you want proof that they are sneaking into your room when you are not at home. Or you’re staying at a sketchy motel and don’t trust your keys. Alternatively, your child may want to enjoy protecting the siblings in his room. Whatever your reason, you are looking for an additional layer of DIY monitoring.

For more serious security, you probably Consider installing an actual security camera.. ((((In addition, it Know the facts about burglary prevention).In the meantime, dive into some of the tricks You can use To determine if someone is sneaking into your room when you are not there.

First, consider some A low-tech solution to take advantage of your inner spy, and tpain For high-tech solutions like motion active cameras that may be needed for your situation.

Use James Bond style hair

This trick comes from Dr. No (1962), It happens to be a 007 movie Delivering the iconic “Bond … James Bond” The first line. Here’s how this hack works:

Install thin, barely visible hair or thread in front of the door across the gap between the door and the wall. Bond uses spit to stick his hair together, but a small piece of clear tape is more reliable (although much less). suave). If someone opens the door while you are away, the thread will tear or fall.

Another approach is to tape the thread both The side of your door. When you open the door, the thread will come out from under one side of the tape.

Push a small piece of paper into the door

From inside the room, fold a small piece of paper and push it into the door frame. Look outside so you can see small debris sticking out from the other side of the door. Take a picture of exactly what it looks like. When someone opens the door, a piece of paper falls off the hinge and falls to the floor. If you go home and see the paper not peeking out, it’s possible that someone opened your door while you were gone. If you try to push the paper back before the criminal leaves, compare the placement with the previous photo.

Alternatively, you can attach a small strip of clear tape so that one end touches the bottom of the door. The other is taped to the floor. If it was tampered with or lost when you returned, the door may have been open.

Set a booby trap

This is annoying, but most obvious. Place a glass of water on the ground so that water spills when the door opens. Ideally, there are rugs and mats that take a long time to dry, so Intruders cannot clear up the mess and reset the trap before you return. Open the door and be careful not to fall victim to your trap.

Note: Do you feel like someone else wants to see something strange? Home alone just now?

Leave a treat

If you have a mat or rug, place a cookie, cracker, or other crispy snack under it.Sure, you’re confused to get rid of it if someone unknowingly steps on it, but more importantly, you’ll have some proof. in progress.

Break the power of the baby

Sprinkle a thin line of baby powder just behind the door (or in the direction the door opens).If the line breaks due to the shaking of the door You will know by opening or by the footprints of someone else.The secret to this is to set the line far enough back To avoid accidentally breaking it yourself and to eliminate chances Breeze and pets get in the way the Powder instead.

Consider investing in high-tech solutions

All of the above tricks are clever, but there’s plenty of room for error. If someone is seriously worried about breaking into their space, it may be worth investing in a gadget. These do not have to break the bank.lots of Motion sensor Will Run you About $ 20.

Higher-Technical solutions include installing a noise recording app on your smartphone and investing in security cameras. Of course, the advantage of the camera is that you can actually see who is intruding.

Check out wireless or battery-powered security cameras.Wires are not only annoying, they can easily be disabled if you’re dealing with an intruder Who means business. If you can’t afford the right security camera, look for a hidden webcam or baby monitor.

SEnsuring safety

If you suspect that someone has invaded your room, not only catch the criminal, but also take precautions to keep yourself safe. Change the lock and consider investing in a high quality mechanical lock (Not electronic).

Last tip: To give you peace of mind (or evidence of trespassing), take pictures of the front and back of the room each time you enter or leave the room. Finally, if you’re ready to bankrupt your credit card, here’s it Best home security system Find out this year.

How to tell if someone is sneaking into your bedroom

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