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How to tell if a prime day sale is really a good deal

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Prime Day 2022 will be held from Tuesday, July 12th to Wednesday, July 13th.At that time, there will be more deals you can count: expensive techniques are a fraction of their original cost, and some are for a limited time. There is pressure to buy something on the spot so that you don’t risk losing and paying.Full amount.. However, there are some strategies that can be used to understand if that “amazing deal” is really that much.

How to tell if it’s a prime day price Really the best deal

One of the best things you can do to determine if a Prime Day transaction is legal is Adopt the use of price trackers.. These websites are dedicated to keeping track of the prices of specific products from different stores and vendors. Not only is it offered the best price possible, but it is being sold to show if the current “transaction” is actually much lower than the original price. Or other transactions there.

A common way to improve the appearance of a transaction is to raise the price of the product. By doing this, it can be argued that if the company drops the price significantly, it will drop significantly, even if the overall price is not very high. Lower than the original price (if any). If something was originally $ 60, the company could raise the price to $ 75 and then lower it to $ 60 to claim 20% off. It’s accurate, but be careful as it’s dirty.

No more can be done when it comes to Amazon price tracking. CamelCamelCamel..But like any other tracker Honey Also Capital One Shopping, Helps you find product prices and price history across multiple stores.Their browser extensions are especially useful: if you have another store If you sell the same product you see on Amazon at a lower price, you’ll see a pop-up with a direct link to the store’s product page.

These alerts will come in handy this week. Retailers like Target and Best Buy are “accidentally” making their own online sales this week. Flow.. If you want to make sure that the device you’re looking at on Amazon is actually the best price available, try one of these services.

But knowing if something is a good deal isn’t just about getting the best price. Sure, Honey may have confirmed that this item isn’t cheap elsewhere on the web, but there’s more than a general price tag to consider.

Remember AMazon himself The product will be the best deals

this is Amazon After all, Prime Day. The company is here to sell as much inventory as possible, It’s the happiest If you are purchasing Amazon products from Amazon.. As such, the best tech deals will undoubtedly be Amazon’s own line of gadgets. The deals the company offers on Echo, Fire TV, Blink devices and more can be expected to be the best this year (unless the price tracker proves otherwise). For those who have been waiting to buy one of Amazon’s devices, Prime Day is the perfect time to do so.

It’s a deal with other Companies that need to pay more attention to Amazon marketing to push their products to the top.

Make sure you haven’t purchased the old technology

I believe in old technology a lot: We think we need to hold the device longer than many of us do. But I don’t think companies should sell old technologies like new ones, especially if new ones are right there.

Amazon can actually help here. If you’re looking at an older version of the product, Amazon will let you know and provide a link to the current version of that device.However, this is only true if Amazon is a carrier of that new version of the device. Or if there is a direct successor to the product. The lines are blurry these days. Last year’s devices weren’t necessarily out of date just because a new version was released, so Amazon isn’t always trying to sell new products.

And that’s ok! Next-generation laptops, tablets, smartwatches and phones are playing that role. Technology is advancing so rapidly that it is spartan and practical to buy old technology that is still working well. But it’s not correct that Amazon is telling you to buy something that can’t be updated to the latest software later this year. If you’re trying to buy technology on Prime Day, research is your friend.fine Buy what was launched last year or last year: More importantly The product will continue to function normally in 2022 and will last as long as reasonably expected.

The reason for the device Such a good price is because it is outdated, it is not a good deal.

Repeat after me: NThat’s all “Cheap” too good

Similarly, simply note the cheaper techniques Not very good. It may be affordable, but if it doesn’t work, it’s not worth the cost.

Often, this issue occurs with many brands that have never heard of selling penny products compared to others. Sure, you can save some money and go with these brands, but what about long-term investments? As Lauren Dragan of the wire cutter warnsAfter applying Amazon’s 30-day return policy, it will sink without a customer support channel. Many of these small companies lack it.

On the contrary, you may have heard of the brand, but the product itself is not very good. Getting a huge 65-inch 4K TV for $ 500 may seem like a theft, but if the image quality is poor, is it really worth it? (No.)

Read the review (if you can help it, it’s not Amazon’s)

One way to see if your TV is worth a big price cut, or if those cheap headphones pass the listening test, is to read reviews of the products you’re considering buying.I haven’t even talked about Amazon reviews: Amazon ratings can It’s useful, but it can also be at risk. Sometimes The reviews don’t even match the product they should be talking about. This is not a good omen for the integrity of the review.

When it comes to technology, the best approach is to listen to the reviewers.With technical experience, I tried these products at my own pace before giving an opinion.Websites like RTINGS It helps to quickly understand if the television is really worth the hype and you can watch their work to understand how they came to a conclusion.

After all, it’s about spending your time doing your research —It’s the opposite of Amazon’s “buy now” strategy.Fight the urge to buy something impulsively and your money The best product for your needs.

How to tell if a prime day sale is really a good deal

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