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How to switch from Juuls to “real” Vaping

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In the news, it’s certain to throw a pole in a high school bathroom Nation, tHe is U.S. The Food and Drug Administration today ordered all Juul e-cigarette products currently on sale. To do Removed from store shelves and takes effect immediately.. “Companies must stop selling and distributing these products. In addition, those currently on the US market must be removed, otherwise there is a risk of enforcement action.” FDA said in politiciant.

If you’re desperately obsessed with the drugs Juul offers, think of the news as a wake-up call. It’s time to stop nicotine. just kidding. Two of us know that’s not happening. But It’s the perfect time to switch from cartridge-based or disposable e-cigarettes Genuine vaping.

Why vapers and smokers need to switch to an open vaping system

While still there Competing electronic cigarettes In the market Some of them have already been approved by the FDAIf you ask Los Angeles-based owner Michael Kohanov Studio City Vapors, Open vapors (self-filling devices) have significant advantages over disposable or pod-based systems.

First, it costs money. “The initial cost is a bit higher because we have to buy the equipment, but in the long run there are significant discounts,” explains Kohanoff.

According to Matt Taylor, a vaping wizard who is a clerk at Studio City Vapors, it can be up to 50% cheaper to use a fillable vape, as opposed to a closed system like Juul or Vuse. In addition, open vaping is probably a quarter of the cost of smoking a traditional non-electric cigarette. Taylor estimation..

In addition to being cheap, having your own rig means making your own decisions about what you are inhaling. “You can also control the amount of nicotine in the juice. It starts to taper off slowly, “Kohanov said. “In addition, there are some flavors like Juul rather than unlimited flavors. [with open vaping].. “

To be exact teeth vaping?

Simply put, vaping uses an electronic device to inhale the vapor produced by heating a liquid. Usually a mixture containing flavors, vegetable oils and nicotine. This can be done via a completely disposable e-cigarette. By “closed” pod-based system, or filling Your own heating element Any arc juice or nicotine salt you want.

If you are just getting started, the number of vape devices and options can be horrifying. Culturally, we haven’t really decided on a name for the device that produces the “steam” of vaping. Is it an electronic cigarette? tank? Box mod? Ark kit? I go with a “mod”, but no matter what you call it, it’s just a box that holds a heating element and some batteries, an attached tank to hold the liquid, and its sweet, sweet stuff. A mouthpiece for pulling in steam.

Intimidation of Ark culture

Vaping is strange. There is an entire subculture of people who make insane changes to Arkbox, are very specific about ohms and amps, and try to blow away the largest and most artistic clouds of smoke. They have a contest!!

Your local arc shop is probably full of esoteric and indistinguishable devices and hundreds of small bottles of liquid with strange names like “jam monsters”.“And” Planet Whoa “. But don’t let the weird subcultures surrounding vaping discourage you. All you have to do is buy a device to vaporize the liquid. That way, you can inhale your favorite medicine in a (probably) harmless way.

How to choose your first vaping device

At its most basic level, starting a new career as a vaper requires an e-cig rig and two things to fill it. It’s possible to walk through a fully systemed arc shop door for less than $ 30, but I think it’s best for beginners to step out of the “cheapest possible option”.

Starter kit like Smoke X-PRIV 225W Starter Kit It costs about $ 50.It’s not that complicated, so you’ll be able to get into things right away, but as you become more “experienced” with vaping, you’ll get yours experience. In addition, if you need a larger tank or a different mouthpiece, you can easily switch.

The downside of this style of arc is that it is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. If you are interested in a slim look, there are more discreet options. Vaporesso has a “pod mod” line It looks really smooth, doesn’t cost much, and there are many Pen style system that too.I started with a pen system I thought Was good-Until you try something more powerful. This is the main drawback of small rigs. Normally, there is only one battery, so it won’t stay charged or run out of power as long as a mod with two batteries.

Difference between e-juice and nicotine salt

Nicotine salt is a new addition to the world of vaping and is designed to provide Higher concentration of nicotine to the user. They provide a “hit” that is closer to cigarettes than traditional electronic juices.Personally, I prefer nicotine delivery, which is colder than regular juice, than nicotine punches. salt, But you may feel different. Many arc systems can use either nicotine salt or “normal” e-cigarettes, but each burns at a different power level, so make sure the machine’s settings are correct for the selected substance. please give me.

Choose the right arc juice or nicotine salt for you

With hundreds, perhaps thousands of brands of arc juice Nick salt It is on the market. They range from complex multi-note flavors to barebones and even unflavored juices.So choosing your favorite will ultimately be personal taste. I like naked berries, which is a combination of berries and menthol, and I hate sweet / candy flavors. At many arc shops, you can sample and choose from a variety of juices.

For safety reasons, vape store owner Michael Kohanoff continues to use well-known and well-established brands such as Beard Vape Co. and Glass Basix, mixing cheap juices imported from China and “in-house” at local stores. It is recommended to avoid what you have done. “All the juices we carry are from within the United States and are manufactured in the laboratory,” he explained.

Vapor juices come in a variety of strengths from 0% nicotine to 24 mg / ml, but standard juice strengths are 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 24 mg. Nick salts typically range from 25 mg to 50 mg, but weaker versions are also available.I started In the middle with 6mg of arc juice, and after 3 years, it’s still the strength I use. Ultimately it is trial and error.

Get a vaping

I have a rig and arc juice / salt at hand, so give it a try. How you actually fill your tank and operate your box vary base Check the manual for your device. But Generally, you pour the juice into the tank, With the push of a button, it ignites and inhales its sweet vapor.

If you are accustomed to smoking “real” cigarettes, vaping may take some getting used toEspecially if you are using juice instead of salt. For me, vaping is a much more mellow experience than smoking a cigarette. Cigarettes tend to hit you with large amounts of nicotine at once, Vaping is a more civilized drug ingestion experience, ingested in small doses over time.

Basic arc maintenance: cleaning, coils, batteries

To enjoy the best vaping, you have to clean your gear from time to time. I usually take a bath every two weeks. When replacing the coil. Most mods are designed to disassemble, and you can clean them by disassembling the components, soaking them in alcohol and then drying them.Again, the details It depends on your machine.

In addition to cleaning, the coil may need to be replaced —The element that actually heats the liquid. It’s basically a thin wire that wraps around a cotton core. The juice is drawn into the core, the wire is heated and the liquid evaporates. Every two weeks or so, or if detected, a new coil needs to be inserted Burnt or dry taste during vaping..

Vape devices are typically powered by rechargeable lithium batteries of various strengths and sizes. The device must come with a charging cable. Please use the dedicated battery charger.Which battery Works on your device, again Depends on it On the device.Arkbox is probably less dangerous than a laptop, but any device that uses a lithium-ion battery Potentially poses a burning riskSo Manufacturer’s Safety information seriously.

How to switch from Juuls to “real” Vaping

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