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How to survive sleep in the heat when you don’t have air conditioning

However, do not do this.

However, do not do this.
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You can make your air conditioner more effective and efficientYou can do it Make DIY air conditionerAnd you can Cool your home without air conditioning.. But wCan you make a hat What if it’s too hot to sleep?

I consider myself an expert on this topic.My childhood home I didn’t grow up in a warm climate because the air conditioner didn’t work.I grew up on the Mid-Atlantic coast. There, summer temperatures in the evening routinely exceeded 75 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately for me, it was easier to learn how to sleep in the heat than to convince my father, a Dutch immigrant, to install some windows. unit.

But my suffering was not in vain. I can put my sweat fairness to work for you.This is Six Tips for Fall Sleeping in the summer heat when cranking up the AC is not an option..

Keep fresh socks in the refrigerator. DDesperate times demand strange things measures.This method may sound strange,, National Library of Medicine We conducted a study that concluded that cooling the feet was actually an effective way to reduce the burden of heat. If you’re like me and you can’t sleep in socks Instead, try chilling either the seat or the pillowcase.

Keep hydrating. You already know about the myths related to dehydration, But this is not one of them. Make sure you are properly hydrated before retiring in the evening. Studies show that dehydration can lead to sleep deprivationAnd yYou need to be well hydrated so that you can sweat. help Keep it cool at night.

Please select the appropriate sheet. Summer is obviously Is not It’s time for a fluffy blanket or a heavy quilt, but the choice you make for you Seat cIt also has a big impact on sleep quality..Choose Lighter and more breathable Summer material, Like cotton, Linen or bamboo.. PRemove the wool or flannel sheets for the summer You should be better shape.

Invest in a good mattress. It is your responsibility to decide if it is time to buy a new mattress (Probably so).But you are not Do something to yourself when you are Powering through heat If the mattress you are sleeping on traps all the heat in your body. Find out about new mattresses designed with features to keep you cool..

Take a cold shower just before going to bed. I’ve already talked about the ideal time to spend in the shower, But what about When? If you’re taking a morning shower looking to fight the heat of the summer, swap schedules and take cool Take a shower just before going to bed. This will lower your body temperature — hopefully long enough for you to fall asleep before you become uncomfortable again.

Place a frozen water bottle under the pillow. Sure, this isn’t rocket science. You can see that there is ice in the bed. Willin fact, Cool you.However Make sure you are using an airtight water bottle. To avoid waking up in a damp cocoon Sheet. OFill the bottle to two-thirds before putting it in the freezer. For yYou fill it upCan explode as the ice expands.

How to survive sleep in the heat when you don’t have air conditioning

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