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How to Support Burnout Teenagers

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Being a teenager (and young adult) It can be incredibly stressful. In a recent study, the American Stress Institute found that: 64% of 15-29 year olds Experiencing high levels of stress. Meanwhile, 61% of her middle school students report feeling high pressure to get good grades.

“If you look at a study on teen stress 10 years ago, we see a statistically significant increase in stress levels.” Sheryl Zieglera licensed professional counselor and author of the book Mom Burnout: How to get your life back and raise healthier kids in the process. “Compared to just 10 years ago, it’s significantly higher.”

Although it was ten years ago, Teenagers reported higher levels of stress than their parents31% 30% of them report feeling overwhelmed because of stress. As a result, they report feeling sad.

How to Recognize the Signs of Burnout in your teens

Burnout is a result of chronic stress. signs of burnout Includes physical symptoms such as mental and physical fatigue, irritability, changes in sleep patterns, sleeping too much or too little Recurrent headaches or stomachaches.

“Mental exhaustion in teenagers It often looks like depression,” Ziegler said. If a teenager loses interest in their usual activities, seems unusually irritable, distracted, cynical, or under a lot of stress, that It could be a sign that burnout is to blame.

As Ziegler points out, burnout is the result of these mental, physical, and emotional symptoms. “You’re looking for all these things to collide together,” she said. “Burnout is chronic stress that goes untreated.”

T.he distinguishes between Teens deal with manageable levels of stress, not burnout Whether a break from stress is enough to help them recharge. If going on vacation or recharging for the weekend makes you feel better, it’s a sign that you’re stressed, but not burned out. If a vacation or a change of scenery doesn’t make you feel better, it’s a sign that your stress has burned out.

what parents can do burnt out teens

If your teenager seems to be dealing with burnout, there are several ways Parents can help. The most important thing parents can do is to “be aware of the level of pressure in their child’s life,” Ziegler said. You can’t work a full year at a dot, and that’s what causes burnout.”

When it comes to the stress teens are going through, it can be all too easy to dismiss their concerns as trivial or try to comfort them by saying it’s going to be everything.right. Ziegler warns against this impulse. “Please do your best not to judge it.

As parents, our instinct is often to try to solve problems. Instead, “brainstorm things that will make them more relaxed,” says Ziegler. “Teens are often very resistant to what their parents say.” Helps find the best answer for

“Another really good balance is helping teens figure out how to spend quiet downtime,” says Ziegler. “We all need quiet time and alone time.” “Teenages are just shutting themselves up in their rooms with their devices, and that’s not relaxing,” says Ziegler. “It feels relaxing, but it’s really not to the brain.”

Alternatively, parents can help teenagers brainstorm ways to relax.You can take a nap, meditate, or stare at the ceiling for 10 minutes. “What it does is learn to quiet the mind without being stimulated,” said Ziegler.

How to Support Burnout Teenagers

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