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How to streamline always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro

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with 14 Pro and 14 Pro MaxApple At the end Bringing Always On Display (AOD) to the iPhone. Android devices have had this feature for years, and Apple has been producing compatible OLED displays for almost as long, but it’s only now that the iPhone display can light up 27/7. That’s it. Haza! Except the execution is a little lacking.

AODs are most useful when you can access basic information without starting the phone. Displaying notifications and widgets can also help, as is usually the case. If you need more than that, you have to pick up the phone anyway.

However, the iPhone seems to take a design approach from Apple’s first device AOD device, the Apple Watch.Wearable AODs are often retained all Images and information from the active watch face, but slightly darkened. On a small screen, that’s fine. Not ideal for large smartphone displays.

Apple wants the entire lock screen, including the wallpaper, to be visible at all times, and going into AOD mode just dims the whole thing. But for many 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max users, the end result looks too busy. For example, I forgot to put my phone to sleep, but it keeps happening.

There is also the issue of battery life. Apple designed his AOD to consume the least amount of energy possible, but still many information a many at the time. truth, AOD works only when the display is onSo it stays blank when in your pocket, face down on a table, or when using various features like sleep focus or low power mode.But as a YouTuber Notes of Marquez Brownlee, given the same general usage, “slightly worse battery life” than on the 13 Pro Max. doing. perhaps.But there is no denying that AOD will be picked up Less than Energy if Apple gave you the option to turn off most of the display and only illuminate the pixels of the time and widgets.

Apple may improve this feature in a future update, but for now, if you don’t like the dim look of your lock screen, we recommend turning off AOD.However, there is an easy way to trigger A black and white AOD that looks like how things are done in otherssmartphone.

How to simplify your iPhone 14 Proalways displayed

to fix use focusgenerally Designed to block some or some all Notifications from disturbing you during certain hours. However, 1 can Create a focus that allows all Keep notifications and apps working while activating this is simplified AODs.

go to Settings> Focus> (select focus)> Options, then enable “Dim Lock Screen”. This option is designed to keep the lock screen dim during focus when you don’t want the lock screen brightness to distract you.However In the 14 Pro, it also works as an AOD feature.

when you activate this focusyour iPhone will switch to In black and white AOD mode, it only shows the time, the widget used and the name of the focus at the bottom of the display.that is A minimalist approach to AOD.

It has one more drawback: Because Dim Lock Screen needs to be enabled for this fix To work, the lock screen wallpaper is Also It gets dark. When you boot up your iPhone, you’ll see the lock screen exactly as you designed it, but it doesn’t look as vibrant as it usually does. Apple is now force this Whichever AOD approach you choose, it’s a give and take. I hope it changes in iOS 16 point, but who knows.


How to streamline always-on display on iPhone 14 Pro

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