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How to stop yourself from vomiting

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Well, come here. It feels a little hot and sticky. Stir your stomach. Your mouth tastes interesting. You know you are going to throw soon. Can you stop it before it happens? Or at least make it worse than necessary? Morning sickness, food poisoning, even if you are fighting a stomach virus, then explain what to do to feel the vomiting session approaching.

Let’s go to the bathroom if possible

Usually, the first step in combating a problem is to determine the root cause and make a slight self-assessment. Not this time! Whether or not you have successfully sought to prevent this, your top priority should be to go to the bathroom. Abandon your typical germanphobe behavior for a moment and hug the cool tiles on the floor. No matter how this next part goes for you, this is where you are for a moment.

Let’s stop buffing

The good news is this: you Might be so Get used to Under certain circumstances, try not to spit. Keep in mind that exhaling is often a way to get rid of what your body is bad for you. So even if you feel uncomfortable, vomiting is actually a good thing.

Take a deep breath first.I have Scientifically researched end How this can be used to prevent vomiting.The big brain calls it “controlled diaphragmatic breathing” and recommends it to fight motion sickness, but what is it? This is what it means to you: breathe slowly Inject air deeply from the nose to the lower abdomen. Tighten the abdominal muscles and then push air out of pursed pawl breathing. Repeat this many times.

You can also try wrist acupressure, According to Healthline: I’m looking for acupoints Nei guan (P-6), Located on the palm side of the forearm near the wrist. Place three fingers on your wrist, place your thumb under your index finger, and rub the points firmly in a circle for about 2-3 minutes before switching wrists. We can’t guarantee that it will work, but if deep breathing doesn’t work, it may be worth a blow.

according to insiderAfter enough time, fresh air, ginger consumption, and plain cracker intake can also help calm the stomach if they are readily available.

What to do after that moment

You may not be able to take a deep breath or ACupressure You can get out of Round 1 here, but you can stop it. From continuation. Drink water to replenish what you have already lost, but don’t be too fast. If you hug it, you can throw it again. Take a sip intermittently every 5-10 minutes. In particular, water and drinks containing electrolytes are good, and ginger ale, mint tea, or lemonade may help you relieve nausea.

Do not eat or drink anything for at least 15-20 minutes after vomiting. in fact, According to VeryWell HealthYou need to make sure you can keep the water down for 8-12 hours before eating, but it’s permissible to try to sneak into some of the bland crackers we talked about. You won’t stop vomiting until you’re ready, but if you eat too much and drink too much quickly, things will definitely get worse.

How to stop yourself from vomiting

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