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How to stop your air conditioner from dripping into your home

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life No air conditioning Summer is miserable, but that doesn’t mean there is no misery associated with having it.necessary Need a device Maintenance and careHowever, there is one important thing that seems unavoidable, even with proper maintenance. Wet.. And they drip. And sometimes, when they aren’t working properly, they drip into your home.

Why does the air conditioner condense?

For the same reason Airplane cabin becomes cloudy In hot places, the air conditioner will inevitably get wet. Warm air meets cold air, and warm air holds more water than cold air, so the water needs to move somewhere. Usually it ends up in the coil of the machine itself. Therefore, the air conditioner comes with a drainage system. If these pipes get clogged, you can see water dripping onto the floor, walls, or windowsills. This is also because the moisture needs to move somewhere.

This phenomenon has obvious drawbacks. First of all, you don’t need a wet house, especially if you’re already dealing with other summer horrors like the heat wave. Second, standing water can cause mold and dribble water can really ruin your wall.

How to fix the water dripping from the air conditioner

According to the good people of Absolute air conditionerIf you want to stop this drip, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure the air conditioner is installed correctly.. This is “Have you tried unplugging and then plugging in again?” Air conditioning, but sometimes the basics work. The front of the window unit should be slightly higher than the back of the unit. This drains the unit to the outside instead of the inside. Unfortunately, this means your machine will dribble on the street, and if you’re high enough, it will probably hit people. Consider installing a tray or other device to catch the drips and empty it regularly.Don’t turn into ashesOle.
  • Clean the filter..filter Dirty over timeThis causes some important parts of the machine to fail, limiting air and causing condensation. y yYou need Clean them.
  • Unblock drainage.. As mentioned earlier, these pipes can be backed up. This allows the water inside to come out in other ways. Read the instructions on the unit, remove the hose if possible, and clean it thoroughly.
  • Be careful with icing.. If the temperature drops slightly, the cooling coil will freeze and may thaw when it gets warm again. In other words, there is more water in the unit. In other words, there will be more water in the end. outside unit. If you can find the cooling coil and identify the ice, you’re in a better position here, but you’ll need to call a pro to handle the situation.
  • Call an expert.. You must have your unit Professional service Once a year, identify the minor repairs you need before turning into major repairs.

And here is our guide Everything else How to fix a struggling air conditioner unit..

How to stop your air conditioner from dripping into your home

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