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How to stop yogurt splattering completely

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When I was a public school teacher in Brooklyn, I relied on yogurt between classes.Yogurt cups are easy to carry, simple and easy to eat When you have little time for yourself. There is just one small problem. yburp.

Opening the foil lid almost always spawns a yogurt projectile, wA sober thread can be ruined if you’re not prepared. T.his can spell disaster middle school teacher (students intention Have comment)but also if you are a pro no change of clothesLuckily, there’s a quick and easy way to stop this fashion nemesis once and for all. P.Make a small hole in the top.

If you seal the foil lid, the yogurt will have an air pocket at the top of the container. Plus, yogurt is touted as containing live, active culture, so a little gas can put pressure on your harmless snack—your mind will be focused on his 10-minute presentation of it. I’m here. you pop a quick dannon– but now Thanks to that little bit of pressure, there’s one more thing to keep in mind before the meeting (and you still not ate).

. Punch a hole in the top of the foil first. With the tip of a spoon, a fork, a pen, a thumbnail—anything reallyIt takes less force than using it for the lid of tapioca tea. Or stick a straw in the juice boxThis releases pressure in a controlled manner without splattering.open foil in tab Satisfy your hunger and proceed as usual your day.

How to stop yogurt splattering completely

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