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How to stop the automatic update of Windows 11

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When it comes to updates, Windows 10 has become unpopular.His internet is full of frustrated anecdotes About restarting Windows to install updates at exactly the wrong time As shown on the right When you’re about to start a presentation, or when you’re working on a tight deadline. This is one of Microsoft’s improvements in Windows 11.

the system Became more transparent About installing updates and providing pre-installation notifications and alerts. If you tell them to delay the update, that’s actually the case. even soWhen the delayed time frame is over, it Force the update to be installed.

Formally, There is no way to stop the automatic update. However, there are some workarounds.

TDelay the update

It’s usually a good idea to keep your computer up to date. However, if you can’t install the update today or in the next few days, it’s a good idea to delay the update (which is also a great way to get rid of buggy software releases).

In Windows 11, you can delay updates by up to 5 several weeks.You can do this from Setting >> >> Windows Update.. here,[更新の一時停止]Click the dropdown next to the section and choose from 1-5 several weeks. now Updates will be postponed based on the timeline. y yAlways come back here and say “Resume updateClick the “” button to manually update your PC.

Set up a pay-as-you-go connection to avoid major updates

This is an old trick that also works on Windows 11. Windows has a pay-as-you-go connection feature that prevents the use of large amounts of data. Updates will not be downloaded using this feature.

This can be set from Setting >> >> Network and internet >> >> Wifi.. Here, select the Wi-Fi network and select “Pay-as-you-go connection” feature.

Disable Windows Update using Service Manager

One way to stop Windows Update is to stop the service manager that runs them. T[設定]There is no switch on, but you can go to the service app and disable it.

strike win + + R To open Run In the dialog “services.msc”, come in key. Scroll down and say “Windows Update“Optional.

In “Startup typeSelect the option “”invalid.“.. click “have understood,And restart your PC.

Or use the Windows Update blocker app

It’s hard to access the service manager every time I stop and restart the update.There is an app called Windows Update blocker Do the same with the one-click tool.

Install and open the app and open “Disable updatesClick the “” function and click “Apply now.

How to stop the automatic update of Windows 11

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