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How to stop editing iMessages someone sends to you

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Apple’s iOS 16 Some great new messaging features: With the new update, you can restore deleted messages for up to 30 days, mark the messages as unread and return later, with more SharePlay options than ever before. However, the two message features that created the headline were the ability to edit and delete messages after they were sent. These are useful options for those who want to “send” quickly, but they can also cause serious problems.You are can Stop others from editing your message, even if the solution isn’t particularly comfortable.

Let’s see how these features work. Sending a message on an iPhone running iOS 16 activates a 15-minute timer. In that window, you can choose to edit the message or completely undo it. After that 15 minutes, the text will be locked in, as with all iMessages prior to iOS 15. These two features have obvious advantages. If you reread the message you sent and find that you made an embarrassing typo, you can immediately fix it so that the recipient can see what it really means. If you send a message to the wrong person (sometimes with horrifying consequences), you can immediately withdraw it.

Apple is far from the first messaging provider to offer these features. You can use Facebook Messenger to unsend a message at any time. You can also edit your messages using apps like Telegram and Slack.However, iMessage the A reliable messaging service for iPhone users in the United States and the largest platform to offer functionality.

Most of us use these features innocently, and people can abuse these options to make conversations clearer, especially when using text messages as evidence.As Jennifer Nielsen of the Nielsen Law Highlights of this tweetThe ability to edit or delete messages causes problems for family court people who rely on recording text messages as evidence of the case. Of course, in any case, you can imagine that the same is true whenever a message is used as evidence. If they know that they will use their message for them, they may take advantage of the fact that they can say anything. I want you in 15 minutes to clean up the mess.

Well, iMessage teeth Edited in iOS 16 is labeled as such, so the edited message should not be confused with the original intent.However, there is no editing history: There is no way to confirm what the sender actually said to you unless you have a screenshot of the first message. The message can be reported exactly as it was sent, but the sender can claim to have corrected the typo.Indeed, you can burn your battery Record iPhone screen It’s all day long, but it’s certainly not ideal just because Apple has introduced new features.

Of course, you can edit and undo messages only on iOS 16 and it’s not open to the public yet. At the time of this article, iOS 16 What you are doing iOS developer betaHowever, it’s not too difficult for non-developers to install the software on their iPhone.Public beta will be open to all iOS testers In July, When, come Autumn, most iPhones You can access the messaging features.

Here’s the bad news: there’s no way to change these feature off. If someone is running iOS 16 on their iPhone, they can edit their favorite iMessage to undo the send, even if you aren’t running iOS 16 on your side.However, the keyword here is iMessage: If you are Text message Like SMS, like green bubble text messages, there is no way for anyone to manipulate or undo those messages and they are locked in.

If you’re worried about others editing your message, just disable iMessage and force all conversations into your SMS. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this on a contact-by-contact basis. Either iMessage is enabled or not. For friends, it’s like having an Android, turning all group chats into horror green text. But if you need to make sure no one has changed the text, this is the only way to do it. Thankfully iOS 16 will fix quietly terrible Part of SMS group chat Don’t bother your friends on your iPhone that many.

To disable iMessage on your iPhone[設定]Open and scroll down[メッセージ]Tap. Then tap the toggle next to iMessage to disable the feature on your side. All future messages may turn green, but at least they cannot be edited or deleted.

How to stop editing iMessages someone sends to you

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