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How to “Steal” Free Routes from Strava

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While investigating The best free route building tool for cyclists and runnersI couldn’t help but mourn the fate of Strava Root Builder.. A long-time favorite feature of social apps, Route Builder has provided runners and cyclists with the ability to create and customize routes before departure. Tragically, this feature moved behind the paywall a few years ago. And now Once trusted Hacking to thwart paid subscriptions It doesn’t work anymore. That’s an old story. The app wants money.

If you are a paid subscriber (or remember B)efore Times), you know how great it is to download the prePlanned route After completing the activity, you can follow us by phone.I would Spent hours messing around with root builders, options A lifesaver when exploring new areas by bicycle.

If you want to follow the route and record your ride without paying the perksYour best bet is to make Strategic Use of Free trial period for Strava. Here’s what you need to know:

Download as much as possible during the free trial period

If you’re using the current free version of Strava, every time you click on a map, you’ll see the Save Route or Try This Route option. These buttons will take you directly to signing up for a paid subscription. At $ 5.00 a month, it’s not the end of the world.But why not abuse it? All 30 days free trial period worth it?

yes, You can use the root builder feature during the free trial, Canceling your subscription does not remove the pre-planned route.

The main drawback of this method isOf course, you need to anticipate all the routes you may want or need for a long time After 30 days have passed..This may mean exploration Plot future vacation destinations and routes there, or create different distances to explain expected changes Your training plan..

Use root builder

Strava’s root builder is simple, but works best through the desktop, not the desktop in particular. mobile. Choose a location on the map and create a new route from scratch, or use your Strava friend’s existing route Strava heatmap for inspiration..

Note: The route does not appear immediately in the Strava app. To display them, ydo Must be first Press “Record” before you start running or cycling Click the Load Route option. Select the selected route and after that Follow along the preA path designed to complete the activity.

As someone who upgraded to a paid Strava subscription at some point Then, when I downgraded to the free version again, I found that Root Builder was the perk I missed most.That alone may be worth the subscription.. However, if you want to reduce your one-month subscription budget, you may have a long way to go with the popular free trials.

How to “Steal” Free Routes from Strava

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