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How to “steal” enough food from your employer to deserve commuting

& # 39; Steal & # 39; Image of Article Titleed Sufficient Food from Your Employer to Make Your Commute Worth It

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Many workers insist, and many the study I agree — remote work enables a higher quality of life.In response, many workplaces are doing what they can to bring employees back to the office, carrot and stick styles... More precisely, with carrots, granola bar and kombucha-Stick style..

I think companies are “healthcare” and ” Living wage. The pandemic only strengthened the historic tendency of employers to take advantage of cheaper perks, such as free meals. Instead of paying better wages..

So, for modern workers, in addition to being just play, some are hungry for justice.n Hungry — Every office kitchen is a strategy game. Your labor is worth as many employer-provided granola bars and coffee pods as you can carry.

If your workplace offers “free” snacks, you may not be ethically wrong about getting the most out of it.So how much is okay Steal from work —Without getting into actual trouble?

Your job is worth more than a treat

“Free” office snacks aren’t necessarily a scam, but they’re not worth the false hype created by the Human Resources department. I quote “free” because I think the perks offered by your employer are another form of reward that you already owe.

Emily Stewart In the case of Vox, I will summarize it well: “Snack is not a substitute for more specific and influential profits or higher wages. Free candy bars don’t give you enough severance pay.” Blog from the perspective of professional office snack culture Read like a satire of a corporate HR-brain. I’m not a toddler, I’m easily bored with fruit snacks. I’m an adult trying to make a living and want to find a way to produce fruit snacks.

Disclaimer: We do not support true theft

Theft at work Already rising Several years leading up to the pandemic. Pick up the stapler and remove the remaining soda from the office party. This is nothing new.

Your office probably has some rules that prohibit complete theft. Putting capitalist ethics aside: Stealing goods is still a crime. But at what point is stealing food or supplies from work a crime that can be fired? It’s a dark area.

For example, the employee handbook may not clearly state whether you need to eat the above free snacks in the office. There is an unspoken understanding that instead of treating an office kitchen like a free grocery store, you eat snacks provided by your employer during working hours. Similarly, toilet paper is provided free of charge in the bathroom of the office. Is it so wrong to hook a few rolls from your home’s supply closet?

look. I don’t know your workplace culture, surveillance system, or potential consequences you might face if you are caught in a backpack full of coffee pods. Now, instead of wondering what is “illegal” and what isn’t, work in the realm of professional norms. More specifically, the classic “Air bad Defense “, also known as, “There is nothing in the rulebook for that.”

Make Your Commute Worth: Minor Savings on Theft

This is a bit of a taste of how the small savings from theft can be accumulated in terms of the money actually saved.

I live in a big city, so my commute is $ 2.75 twice a day by subway.One of my favorite office snacks Single serving sub hummus cup, On average about $ 2.50 each. Looking at these numbers, I have a personal goal of ensuring that at least two Humscups are hooked each time I enter the office.

Another of my favorite kitchen perks is unlimited tap cold brew coffee. However, “unlimited” is related to the amount that the body can physically handle.

If you want to buy cold brew every day, 24 ounces of Dunkin Iced Coffee costs $ 3.26 (medium size). Let’s say I commute by car. In this math, Used Flexjobs quote You can spend $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 a year on commuting, such as petrol, car maintenance, and insurance. To simplify the calculation, we’ll average an annual commute cost estimate of $ 3,500. There are 250 business days a year, and every day I drink medium-sized Dunkin-equivalent iced coffee “for free” from my workplace. It’s only $ 815. It leaves $ 2,685 to eat with a free snack to make my commute worthwhile. That’s the 1074 Hums Cup, or four cups a day.

This is the problem: I don’t want to eat 4 hums cups a day. And, as I said above, drinking that much iced coffee is a daunting task, even though I guarantee that my commute is worth the cost. You can drink iced coffee at work before you can smell the colors and listen to your deskmates’ thoughts. If you drink an acceptable amount of coffee at work and take it home in a 24-ounce thermos over the weekend, you’ll save $ 3.26.

All of this doesn’t take time into account, and the fact that time is money is especially when it’s wasted on a crowded subway, or generally away from home. We don’t assign monetary value to the quality of time spent with loved ones while working from home and the quality of time stuck in a cold office with colleagues, but that it’s not strictly a close call. I bet.

Strategies to get more value for your money

Finally, we can get into the business. Stealing food from work results in creativity not only in what you take, but in how you take it. There are two important ways to go crazy here: THe first sticks to the little things your office doesn’t notice, and the second is the power of foresight.

What to steal

  • Coffee pod
  • Sugar and sweeteners
  • Single item such as chips, granola bar, yogurt.
  • Ziploc buggy valuable shared items such as popcorn and cereals
  • Soda and selzer
  • Milk (in a thermos, as explained below)
  • Honey
  • Seasoning packet
  • Toilet Paper
  • tampon
  • Adville
  • Catered food that is obviously going to be thrown away (speaking of …)

How to optimize your trivial theft

  • Always store Tupperware and Pyrex containers or buggies while working. These are especially useful for catered food events and parties where leftovers are wasted.
  • When you leave home in the morning, make sure you have room in your bag for all your loot.
  • Grab two of them all. One is for eating at work and the other is for taking home.
  • Bring a thermos for more careful theft.In the words of an official recollector, Lifehacker Editor-in-Chief, and an alternative milk thief Jordan Calhorn: “I always had a thermos and poured silk every day. I stopped buying silk at the grocery store.“

Last caveat: It’s all about getting the most out of your employer, not your colleagues’ employees.When applying Any Rethink your ethics of this logic for stealing unlabeled lunch from a shared fridge.

How to “steal” enough food from your employer to deserve commuting

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