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How to start wet shaving

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Shaving is more than just personal hygiene, it’s an art. Or it can be.If you have been Use aerosol shaving cream And with a razor for disposal, you certainly left room for improvement. If you use the wrong tool, shaving can feel like a painful chore. Literally, cuts, cuts, and razor burns are the problem. That’s why true grooming experts recommend a process called “wet shaving.” It’s a little elaborate, a little old-fashioned, and much more satisfying. And to get started, you need some tools and a little know-how.

Why Wet Shaving is Good

Wet shaving uses a shaving brush and shaving soap or cream, plus a small amount of warm water to create a luxurious lather that brushes the skin before shaving. If desired, you can continue to use disposable razors with them, but true enthusiasts will opt for old school safety razors.Taken together, the two offer a closer shave — as Bolin Webb note“Wet shaving is getting closer to the skin, so I’m actually cutting my hair short, which means I can move longer between shavings.”

You also get a better shave. The foam softens the beard, keeps the skin moisturized, and allows the blades to move more smoothly. Also, choosing a safety razor is less irritating and less ingrown hair than using a cartridge or electric razor.As West coast shaving “Using a 5-blade cartridge razor, passing through an area of ​​the face three times exposes one area of ​​skin to 15 blade passes. By comparison, if you are using a safety razor, You only need to expose your skin to one blade with a pass. The less often you scrape your face with the blade, the happier it will be. “

Beyond these practical concerns, the ritual is also worth it, and wet shaving could definitely be it for you-a little rest of the day where you can focus on doing the task carefully. With flashy shaving cream, a soft shaving brush, and your favorite scented aftershave, you can have a fun experience at a minimal cost (just like any other hobby, you can spend more money as needed. I can do it). No one makes it worse to turn daily chores into something they can really enjoy.

What you need to get started

Safety razor. Safety razors differ from cartridge razors in that they have only one blade, but cartridge razors have 3 to 6 blades. Safety razors are mainly made of metal and will last for many years compared to waste cartridge razors. Costs can run anywhere from $ 20 to hundreds of dollars, Bib & Tucker writes“The razor itself is more expensive at first, but the safety razor should last for years.” Over time, a safety razor with replaceable blades is cheaper and lasts longer than using a disposable cartridge. There is a possibility.

Shaving brush. According to the menswear advice website He talked about styleWhen used with shaving cream (rather than foam or gel), the shaving brush creates thicker, thicker foam, softens and lifts shaving hair, and at the same time exfoliates the skin. There are different types of shaving brush bristles to consider, and although there are synthetic fiber alternatives, they are usually made of natural fibers (boar, lizard, beaver, horsehair). Everything gets the job done, so it’s really summarized in the material you enjoy most feeling on your skin.

Aftershave. There are three forms of aftershave. Perfume oils, gels, lotions. They all serve the same purpose: soothing and moisturizing the skin after shaving. Its properties are similar to high quality shaving cream, but aftershave is still an important part of the equation. The gentleman’s official bulletin is writing“Unlike other products used in real-life shaving, aftershaves aren’t wiped off immediately (like shaving cream), so the effect lasts longer.” Perfume oil On top of the gel and skip the lotion altogether. This is because the balm has a low alcohol content, which not only dries the skin, but also stings it if it is injured in the middle.

How to do proper wet shaving

Performing wet shaving is a relatively simple process. First, add dots of shaving cream to a small bowl with a teaspoon of water to create a foam. Use a brush to whisk the cream into a light, thick, lathering lather. Apply evenly to the entire face with a brush. Cover all areas you want to shave and leave the foam on your face for about a minute (or as instructed on the label) so that your hair can be softened and raised.

Then gently move the safety razor over the bubbling area of ​​the face in the direction of hair growth (to reduce razor burns). To understand the direction of your hair growth Supply groomers recommend the following:: “Grab the back of a business card, credit card, or comb and lightly thread it through each part of the hair. Hair that grows with the grain feels like it’s being put back in place. Hair growth feels like the hair follicles are upright. “

Recommended by Beard and BladeSupply Co. It enters at an angle of 30 ° to the skin. This “exposes the blade to the designer stubble and allows the razor to work effectively.” Repeat a short stroke of 1-3 cm to shave and rinse the blade frequently to prevent the razor from getting clogged with hair. Repeat for a closer shave, if necessary.

Finally, wash away any traces of remaining foam and immediately apply aftershave to soothe and moisturize the skin.

How to start wet shaving

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