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How to start the Among Us VR Beta

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in us no introduction needed: 2020 handled it, introducing multiplayer social reasoning games to both gamers and casual players.By now most of us have played it, accused our friends of murdering us, and vehemently denied all beliefs cast upon us. It’s great fun to play on your computer, phone or console, in us We are currently testing the VR version of the game.If killing buds in a virtual reality spaceship sounds down your alley, you should Please sign up as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the beta is not live yet, but early access sign-ups are open. VR among us The news was announced on Twitter with only three requirements: a VR headset, an internet connection, and wanting to try it out. VR among us quick. That said, not everyone who signs up will be selected for early access to the beta, so the sooner you sign up, the better your chances.

How to sign up for VR among us beta

To get started you can follow This link is Inside VR in the US Share on Tweet. Once the page loads, continue or press come inPress the . button or key again, then press Enter your email address when promptedScroll through the list of compatible VR systems and select the one you have.click sendClick Please join us. or press come in end.

You will receive an email from us soon. VR among us We will let you know if a beta version is available for your selected system. For example, I was informed that the only VR set I have, PSVR, has not yet been released in beta.However Regardless if your setup has a public beta or not.You will be prompted to create an account with Antidote. company hosting the VR Beta.

To create an Antidote accountfollow the link in your email Also Please follow this linkEnter your username, email address, choose a password, then prove you’re not a robot before clicking sign up. Then you Player Profile: Hit keepafter that click join the program. after thatyou can sit back and wait for an invitation to the beta of your choice.


How to start the Among Us VR Beta

Source link How to start the Among Us VR Beta

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