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How to start a casual sex relationship

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a new research suggest dating-App users are more likely to engage in casual dating and casual sex. surprise! You probably didn’t need to, but Study Shows Obvious Casual Sex Still Gets Bad Ratingsp, especially if that’s what you’re looking for exclusively. Our sexual desires and desires fade with life, and sometimes sex is a fun activity that we want to do without being tied down. What should I do? First, I suggest you really define what casual sex means to you.

“Casual sex can be used as an umbrella term to define sexual activity between people who have little intimacy, attachment, or commitment to their sexual partners,” he said. Kristen Mark, PhD, Sexual Health Educator, everlywell advisor“This includes anything from one-night stands to friends with benefits, but usually outside the context of a romantic relationship or attachment.”

The parameters of casual sex can be a bit delicate, so before you swipe right for your next hookup, keep these things in mind.

casual sex is not inherently shameful

Once you understand what casual sex means to you, it’s equally important to accept that it’s what you want in your life right now.

“The pursuit of casual sex is always all right If that’s what you really want, do it,” Mark says. “There are many important needs that can be met through sex—Sexual pleasure, stress relief, satisfaction, connection, etc.It doesn’t have to happen in the context of a romantic relationship or attachment.

But Mark warns that it’s just as important to make sure your needs are met and that you’re not doing it for someone else at your own expense. “If you’re having casual sex but you’re looking for something more serious, be honest with yourself or chances are casual sex doesn’t meet your needs.” there is potential.”

Open communication and safety are our top priorities

relationships of all kinds, including especially Such an irreplaceable relationship, thrive on communication. If you know you’re into the game and are only interested in casual stuff, let us know as soon as possible. “Communicate this directly and simply,” Mark says. You can say “I’m just looking for casual sex here and wanted to be candid about it like we’re on the same page”.Speak simply, frankly, and honestly. ” On the contrary, if you No seeking casual sex Communicate it simply and directly that too.

while sexual incidents are reported Communicable diseases (STDs) in the United States declined in the early months of COVID. most of which include gonorrhea and syphilis, Revival by the end of 2020. that’s why, If you regularly have unprotected sex with a partner whose STD status is unknown, Mark recommends. Have each new partner tested (especially if the partner has sex with multiple other people) or fluid bonding (if barrier methods such as condoms are not in place)) is taking place.

“If you’re engaging in fluid bonding, try to talk about sexually transmitted diseases. If there are parts of your body where sperm can meet an egg, talk about preventing unintended pregnancies,” Mark says. “Be transparent about your intentions, needs and safety. is very important, and communicating this to your partner shows that you care about their health. that too. ”

The same is true if you find out you have an STD/STI after having sex with a new partner.

“STDs are very common,” Mark says. “One in four people will be diagnosed with an STD in their lifetime. There are inherent risks, and everyone can weigh that risk against their own benefit. Be straight with the facts.”

she advises Get in touch with your recent sexual partners and let them know they have to be tested. “Don’t blame or shame. Just state the facts and tell them that you want to take care of their health and your partner’s health and need to get tested and treated.”

Whether it’s a one-night stand or a friend-with-benefits situation, Mark says her biggest piece of advice is always to stay. Be honest and clear with your sexual partner and check frequently.

“Regardless of what type of sex you’re having, it’s always a good idea to check your pulse to make sure you’re on the same page as your partner,” she says.seconds. “Check in by saying things like ‘That was great, how are you doing?’are we okay here? ‘Be transparent and direct about what you’re looking for. Don’t give people the wrong impression of what you want just to connect.Be an empathetic and open communicator. ”

How to start a casual sex relationship

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