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How to squat on the bar without hurting your neck

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When doing barbell squats for the first time, you can: get hurtI remember using bar pads when I first started doing squats, but I had no idea. without it. These days, going below weight bars without padding is nothing on my mind, but I completely understand the struggles of beginners. Let’s consider the method of

shrug together

The most important thing to know is that the barbell should not sit on your skin or bones. For the high bar squat that most people start with, that shelf is primarily made up of your body. upper trapeziusshrug shoulders You will feel these muscles contract. tHey, it’s on the side and back of the neck where the neck joins the shoulder.

In addition to shrugging your shoulders, you can also bring your shoulder blades closer together to further inflate the meat pillow just below your neck. this where a bar should be holidayThere is no pillow unless you put your shoulders on it No shelving, no good place for a bar.

put the bar in place

After squeezing, go under the bar to set On top of the meat cushion you created.move around a little If you need to find the most comfortable place. This way you will find that the bar does not hit your neck or shoulder bones. If you still feel the bar hitting the vertebrae in your neck, the bar may be too high. Try lowering the bar a little.

You can also try the “Rover” squat. This sits a few inches lower than the bar just described.When bar your support posterior deltoid. Put shoulders together to create a shelf still important here.

keep the neck in a neutral position

For some people, neck position can affect how the bar feels. If you tend to look up while squatting, this can put pressure on your neck and relax your upper back, causing you to lose. your shelf.if this is happening to youtry pulling your chin toward your chest or looking down a little and see if that helps.

build more muscle

You can’t make a meat cushion without meat, so you may have to get by in a few ways, especially if you’re a skinny or bony newbie. hard time for a bit. This is a temporary situation. You can speed up the process by doing extra work on your upper back. Shrugging, pulling bands apart, and all kinds of rowing and pulling exercises can help.

Men In the meantime you may be one of the few who can really benefit barbell padThese pads are generally not recommended. The bar can feel unstable.But as a beginner this are you OK Quick fix solutionIt’s probably a lot easier if you squat down for a while and then try the naked bar again.

How to squat on the bar without hurting your neck

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