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How to skip an office pizza party and become a “team player”

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One thing American companies like is having an office pizza party. Did you hit your number in the quarter? It’s an office pizza party. Are long-time workers retired? Do you have a baby? Are you celebrating a milestone birthday? Pizza party, pizza party, pizza party..

Of course, most employees I like, I don’t know, a Increase Compare with some doughs, sauces and cheeses (maybe toppings if you’re lucky).employeeThank you in real life Bank account dollars will always be higher I’m more fulfilling than slices Don’t blame you if you want to skip the office pizza party altogether. But what about the potential fallout from that decision? Do you think the number of team players around the office is small?

Under many Situation, yes. That is, unless you use one of the following tactics to avoid appearing at the party without losing the good.You are with your boss colleague.

Offer to help plan the party

Planning an office party is a thankful job.Most offices do not hold designated events Being a planner, responsibility is often Anything that an employee is willing to undertake is true. This gives anyone who bites a bullet and plans a party gain some martyrdom and the flexibility to stay out of the party in that status.

Ultimately, it’s a valuable proposal. Is it a bit painful to plan an office pizza party? of course. However, the time spent ordering pizza and making sure there are plates and napkins in the kitchen is much less than the time spent at a real party, and I dimly talk to my colleagues. Once the party is up, you are free to leave. And no one can say anything about your departure because you haven’t seen the gift horse in your mouth.

Let’s say you spend your time working

The point of getting to work is to do your job in the end. So if you tell a colleague that you have a pizza party in the book but you’re not going to do it because you have work to do, they can’t really resent it to you. That’s an excuse for ironclads. After all, don’t blame the surgeon for not being a team player for not attending the monthly birthday gatherings.They are probably I have to do something more important.

Tell your colleagues that you are about to close the deal. They don’t ask questions.They are happy with the prosperity of the company and do not Think carefully about what your useful excuse for stopping drinking warm sprites with the accounting department is really.

Schedule a doctor’s appointment

You may know the pending pizza party at least a week ago.You are probably late Appointment of doctor for now, So you’d better get from them the most proverbial “bang for your money” possible.Tell all your colleagues You are ridiculed miss get togetherBut unfortunately Friday 4:30 pm is the only time available to the dentist.And they don’t call your dentist’s office and find out that they’re available every day this week.

Make excuses

This is arguably the most dangerous option, as “making an excuse” is really just the code to “lie”.“ But in a desperate era, desperate measures are needed. The key to a good “excuse” is a blend of idiosyncrasies and ambiguities. You just can’t say, “Sorry, something happened.” But say, “Excuse me, did you come up with something for your boy at school?“ Now you are cooking with gas.Most people don’t go Snoop more information about such thingsAnd they will clearly think of whatever you are dealing with bad From the office pizza party..

Of course, tHe is threatening here If you lie, you will end up losing your social status in the office and becoming a brand that is not a team player... But if you’re willing to accept the opportunity, making an excuse is a ticket from your office to the highway home.

Fundamental honesty

I will be fundamentally honest You and. The success rate of this is low and the possibility of backfire is high.But that’s an option I still want to lay it out on the table for you. If you don’t plan to go to an office pizza party and someone asks you why, tell them the truth. These are your colleagues, not your friends, and you are not forced to eat pizza with them.Some are offended, others respect you Directness.They don’t really want to go either..

How to skip an office pizza party and become a “team player”

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