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How to shop on TikTok without overpaying

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When it comes to selling second-hand goods online, you have no shortage of options.from Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoorto classics like craigslist When Ebayif there’s something you’re looking to buy (or sell), there are many ways to find it.

These days, the number of vintage and other second-hand dealers (and the general public) is on the rise. sell products on instagramso it makes sense that it’s happening on TikTok as well.

But in addition to costume jewelry that once belonged to someone’s grandma and end tables that no longer match your decor, both apps are full of influencers. Not that it’s bad, but if you happen to be selling an item, you could be affected by paying a higher price than the item is worth.How to Avoid It While Shopping on TikTok are as follows:

How to shop on TikTok without overpaying

Whether you’re an influencer or not, there are deals on TikTok. But like any online selling platform, there are also overpriced items, dishonest sellers, and outright scams.

do homework

This is not TikTok specific, but as a general rule always at least Do a few minutes of research before buying anything from people selling goods online. Quickly find items (or at least equivalent) online using information found in item descriptions and photos, such as manufacturer, designer, year, model number, and pattern name. You can also search directly on eBay.

No luck?one of the photos in the list Google LensResults will vary depending on item rarity and photo quality.but overall it can be a very useful tool for finding other examples of your work.

The idea of ​​research is, first and foremost, to look elsewhere for item prices, and then to see if the items you’ve been eyeing on TikTok are actually priced significantly. But you can also find out more about it, such as whether the item you’re interested in is in relatively good condition and whether everything is original.

ask a question

If you still have questions about the item after doing your own research, you can ask the seller (politely) and message. The size of the clothes, whether the chair is black or dark blue (because it’s hard to tell from the photo), whether the back of the chair has stains, etc., are questions that anyone can answer. Chair.

Please note that not all sellers are designers or vintage dealers or have a background in the items they sell.in fact they I don’t even know what they sell and just want to take it out of the house. Again, the idea is to learn more about the item and help you decide if it’s worth the asking price.

act quickly

The market for vintage and other used items can be competitive in some areas, but in general, if you find something you’re sure you want to buy at the listed price, it’s better to act as soon as possible.

Yes, that means messaging the seller right away to show your interest, but it also means letting them know you’re ready and willing to get it that day and pay for it. (if they are available)—especially if it’s furniture or another bulky item taking up space.


Above Latest episodes of the Antiques Freaks podcastco-hosts Kenneth Henry and Dee Leger discussed buying antique and vintage items from Craigslist (tips apply here, too). We touched on the exchange of objects for real money in the safest way possible.

Leger recommends using Venmo or CashApp for purchases over $20 and physically transferring funds (via the app) just before the seller hands over the item (this is in front of you). In can be confirmed). eye).

in the meantime, Clinton Tharp— which restores and sells vintage furniture and posts instructional videos on TikTok — takes a different approach. He suggested sending a message to the seller, offer to pay for the product Via Venmo or PayPal Previous You meet them to pick it up.

and 2021 interviewhe believes that by paying for invisible items (aside from the listing photos), he can beat other avid shoppers in a competitive marketplace and get what he wants at a lower price. I said I could.

However, it goes without saying that many things can go wrong using this approach, such as losing money because the item doesn’t exist or has already been sold. there is no. That’s obviously what people do. However, no matter how the exchange goes down, always prioritize safety.

How to shop on TikTok without overpaying

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