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How to settle between the abdominal muscles of an infant, according to neuroscientists

According to a neuroscientist, an image of an article titled

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many Advice on how to deal with tantrum He says the first step is to stay calm —Losing your composure when dealing with your child will not eliminate the tantrum and will actually make things worse. But the small problem is that the person in front of you may find it impossible to stay calm when you are exhaling raw emotions straight.how Calm down when your child isn’t something else? I decided to ask a neuroscientist for help.

What is “emotional flooding”?

Start with, Dr. Cindy Hovington, Neuroscientist and co-founder Wonder grade (A company that has an app that teaches parents how to help their child calm down and adjust their big emotions) The feeling of being overwhelmed, as an annoyed child, or as an adult is too stressed to deal with it, is said to be called present. Emotionally “flooding”.. ”

“Emotional flooding can feel like the moment of anger we feel, which leads to screaming and acting in ways that you feel out of control,“She says. She said she felt that way She felt after the birth of a third child who already had two young children “Angry, not empathy” for her children.

For me, emotional flooding often manifests as anxiety, usually accompanied by tears, tremors, and the inability to determine anything. What to do to escalate the situation.. Flooding is your fighting, fleeing, or freezing reaction, and when you’re in it, “it doesn’t work to tell yourself to stay calm,” says Hobington. “”It’s as if your brain doesn’t listen to you.. “ this is Concepts I learned when learning about Whole brain child: When the kids are bullying, it doesn’t seem they are “there”. Similarly, when parents are flooded, they cannot reasonably think.

How to relax Emotional flood

It’s scary to think that you’re overwhelmed and parenting, but Hobington has several solutions for parents who are flooded with their child’s plight. She called it a “reset” and told me that the Wondergrade app has two updates-A subtle “parent reset” audio that can help parents press a button to hear verbal cues and calm down during an emotional flood while raising a child.

To reset himself during the tantrum, Hobington said: It may be in another room, or it may be far away from the child. If this is not possible because of your location or because you need to keep your child safe, you can reset with your child, it’s a moment you can teach There is a possibility. “It’s healthy to see that your child needs a moment to reset during intense emotional moments,” says Hobington.

Hovington tells him to close his eyes. “Slow deep breathing helps regulate the nervous system during moments of stress,” she says.Investigate “Abdominal breathing” Also “Diaphragmatic breathing” technique for frequent flooding.You can try other things as well “Hacking” of the nervous system To Find out which Work for you

Set a good example when we understand it correctly (and when we don’t)

Especially if It’s a public tantrumYou may be dissatisfied, embarrassed, or angry at their actions.. “Emotions that children feel are normal, even if they are unpleasant for them and us.” Hobington says. “They are not a reflection of us, And if we can find a way to calm down through the negative emotions of children, we will model emotional regulation skills for them. ”

Having children see us and learn first, so having them see how to calm down helps them learn these skills on their own. If we are flooded and act in a way we are not proud ofRepairs are required, such as yelling before resetting.

“LControlling our own emotions is normal and happens, “says Hobington. “Apology is not a sign of weakness. It is the moment of connection with our child.” It also serves as a model for apologies.What you want to do sets another A good analogy.

How to settle between the abdominal muscles of an infant, according to neuroscientists

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