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How to see the image of the first James Webb Space Telescope

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NASA held our breath all at once at the end of last year The long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope is released On that month’s journey to a destination almost a million miles away. After a successful deployment, it was time for JWST to work hard on testing and calibration to see what the telescope was looking at in space.

The first image from Webb Will be released President Joe Biden and NASA administrator Bill Nelson attended the preview event at the White House on Monday, July 11th.The event scheduled for 5 pm ET Livestream on NASA TV..When the image is published, it will also be posted on the following site NASA website and social media feeds..

But that’s not all. Here’s how to watch the main event on Tuesday, July 12th:

How to see the JWST image revealed

Web Official image release On Tuesday, July 12, NASA and its partner agencies (European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency) will present a set of full-color images and data from the telescope. The live coverage schedule is as follows:

  • 9:45 am ET: Opening remarks
  • 10:30 am ET: Image release broadcast
  • 12:30 pm ET: Media Briefing with Project Scientists

All events will be available for viewing NASA TVNASA app, and NASA Website (NASA Live)..Image release coverage at 10:30 am will also be streamed Facebook, twitter, YouTube, CrampsWhen Dailymotion..

If you don’t want to focus on live coverage, you can: View image On the NASA website at the time of release.

What does the JWST image display?

I’m not sure exactly what the image reveals, but NASA recently released it. List of targets For the first observation of Webb. These include two nebulae, clusters of galaxies, and exoplanets (exoplanets).

The public has already seen Selfie of a telescope from spaceAnd equipment calibration and Test imageHowever, the photos from now on are considered to be the first to see the features of JWST.

How to see the image of the first James Webb Space Telescope

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