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How to see the first iPhone or Android app ever downloaded

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what was your first smartphone? I had an iPhone 3GS, no selfie camera, no HD display, no flash.what it can do I ran the app…a many of the app. As the slogan says, “there is an app for that” No matter if you are on Team iOS or Android, you definitely own one now One day, many years ago you I downloaded the app for the first time.However which app?

After all, going back in time is very easy and Check which app you downloaded first (if you haven’t changed your account in years)). On your iPhone, open the App Store, tap your profile in the top right, and selectpurchasedthen tapmy purchase” On Android, open the Play Store, tap your profile, then tap Payments & Subscriptions > Budget & History > Purchase History.

Start scrolling. If you’ve been using your Apple ID or Google account for a while, you probably long List of apps in purchase history. (I have a hobby some in me but i do No have the patience to count them all.) Final, Reach the bottom of the list. first app.

Apparently, the first app I downloaded with my current Apple account was a game called. siege hero, was installed on August 19, 2011. Since I was using a different Apple account at the time, truth The first app that requires digging up those old login credentials and repeating the process.

Flappy bird. were we that young?

Flappy bird. were we that young?
screenshot: Joel Cunningham

You might be surprised that many of those old apps are still available for download (apparently meme generators haven’t kicked the bucket).But at least it doesn’t show only active apps on iOS.Even if the app is retired, it will still appear in the listHowever The download icon is grayed out. you tap it, I get an App Store error. Oh, You’ll never taste a gem like this again stupidity 2, What is my IQ?™Also Hardest game ever – 0.02 seconds.

so wthe hat was your fFirst app? Let us know in the comments. was it a game? work app?Was it a gift or did you pay for it? temple run and Instagram, but maybe tap tap revolution Also eye beerRemember the app that was the big battery indicator?

How to see the first iPhone or Android app ever downloaded

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