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How to search Reddit to find what you really want

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Reddit is an invaluable internet community, but it’s far from perfect when it comes to searching.This community’s network is full of useful information, on-point memes, and interesting discussions, but finding the specific content you’re looking for is much harder than it should be (many users simply google the problem). Search for and add the word “Reddit”.) But search for Reddit can If you know how to unleash that potential, it will be more accurate and convenient.

Yes, Google’s method works, especially if you add “site: reddit.com” to the beginning of your query, but with Reddit’s advanced search filters, onsite search productivity is also good. Improve.The trick is similar to what you can do Use Wit Google to produce better search resultsProbably needs a review.

Reddit filters help narrow your search

Among the most powerful search tools are filters. You can use these keywords to tell Reddit to search only for specific things, not the entire Reddit. These are not menu based. In other words, you need to know the term you enter in the search bar to get the results you want. There are eight in all, and you can use them as follows.

  • author: This word is filtered by the username of the specified account. for example, Author: President Obama Lists content posted only by u / President Obama.
  • Flare: This word is filtered by subreddit talent. That is, this filter changes based on subreddit. Some subreddits use flares to classify posts, so Flare: Discussion Only results based on user conversations and discussions are displayed, not news or the like.
  • self: This word filters posts created by your personal account, not posts that link to another site.use self: true To search for text-based posts only self: false For all other types.
  • Self-text: This word searches for a specific query in a text post.come in Self-text: dogFor example, search for the word “dog” in a text post.
  • site: This word filters specific URLs. for example, site: lifehacker.com Search for Reddit posts that share Lifehacker articles.
  • Subreddit: This word filters the specific subreddit listed.use subreddit: askreddit Search for posts only from r / askreddit. Or, if you search for something while browsing a subreddit, Reddit will automatically search only within that subreddit.
  • Title: This word filters specific submission titles.When searching Title: “Broken Keyboard” Only posts with a broken keyboard in the title will be displayed. Note: Always enclose multiple word searches in quotation marks.
  • url: This word filters specific words in the website URL to narrow your website search. This should be combined with the site filter. for example, site: lifehacker.com url: iphone Returns only Reddit posts that contain a Lifehacker URL that contains the word iPhone.

These filters, by themselves, range from useful to useless.However, if you combine them, the search will be done. How to do More accurate. If you’re trying to find the answer to why your iPhone is hot, you can splice things like: subreddit: iPhone Title: Overheating Flare: Question And find a super specific post about your question. There seems to be no limit to the number of strings that can be put together, so let’s go to Ham.

Use Boolean operators for even better Reddit search results

You can also search using the Boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT). These operators are case sensitive and can be used as follows:

  • Placement When Between words in the search tells Reddit to search for posts that list all the words. Searching for “iPhone AND Android” will give results that include only both words. Searching for “Compare iPhone with Android” will give you results that include only all three words.
  • use Also Between words to pull up the result of at least one of the listed words. For example, you can search for “Mac OR Windows” to see results that include Mac, Windows, or both.
  • No Used between words when the result of the first word is needed and the result of the second word is not needed. Searching for “iPhone NOT iPad” will show results that include the word iPhone but not the word iPad.

If you use multiple Boolean operators, you can also use parentheses to change the meaning of the search. For example, searching for “iPhone NOT iPad OR Android” excludes posts that contain the word iPad, but shows posts that use the iPhone or Android, but iPhone NOT (iPad or Android) says iPhone. Only posts that contain words are displayed and posts are excluded. There is the word iPad or Android.

Other Reddit search tools that shouldn’t be ignored

Of course, don’t forget the more transparent search tool. When you do a search, you can sort your search by “post”, “comment”, “community”, or “people”.[並べ替え]Below you have the option to sort the results by the usual options you use throughout Reddit (Relevance, Hot, Top, New, Most Comments). However, perhaps even more useful is the “time” sorting option. This option allows you to search by “all hours”, “last year”, “months”, “weeks”, “24 hours”, “hours”. A long way to narrow down specific results.

Hopefully, these tools will help you find exactly what you’re looking for in your next big Reddit search. If the first search does not give the correct results, try adding a filter to the string or removing the filter that may be interfering. I hope Reddit will eventually add these options to the Advanced Search field, but for now I have to do it myself.

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How to search Reddit to find what you really want

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