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How to revive dead soil

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When I moved into the house, the front yard was gray and lifeless. The previous owner, instead of landscaping, had put a layer of rock all over the front yard so the soil underneath was completely devoid of life. , has transformed what was once gray and dead into a habitat that can sustain trees and plants. .

Make sure the soil has adequate moisture

One of the key aspects of rejuvenating poor soil is getting the right amount of moisture. If the soil is too wet, it will rot, and if the soil is too dry, the plant will die.As eHow suggests, a way to test soil moisture is to dig a hole about 6 to 8 inches deep, collect the soil from the middle, and press it into a ball. too much. If the soil sticks to your fingers when you touch it, it’s too wet.

When it comes to modifying soil moisture levels, the answer to both of these problems is adding organic matter, which can come in the form of mulch, cut grass, plant debris, shredded leaves, or manure. That’s it.

as Joe Gardener describe“Organic matter is the most important ingredient for improving any soil. It also helps retain a lot of water and nutrients.”

test your soil

Soil testing is a good way to plan your garden. Depending on the pH level of the soil and the type of plants you are trying to grow, you may need to add some additional nutrients and soil conditioners to give them what they need to thrive.

I can Test your soil anytimeDoing this a few months before you start planting gives enough time to prepare for the growing season. Once done, every few years should be fine. For soil testing, contact your local agricultural extension office and they will often be able to provide a high quality test for cheap or no cost.

keep adding organics

Soil revitalization is not a one-time deal where you test the soil, add lots of organic matter and then forget about it all. It’s a process that requires adding more organic matter and nutrients on a regular basis over time.

as Joe Gardener suggest, there are several ways to add organic matter periodically throughout the year. This includes strategies such as mowing the lawn and adding grass clippings. chopped leaves during defoliation or regular fertilization, compostor year-round fertilizer.

How to revive dead soil

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