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How to reveal the hidden hotel name of the priceline

Image of an article titled Using this extension to reveal the hidden hotel name of Priceline Reveal Priceline’s Hidden Hotel Names Using This Extension

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When you book a hotel through a third-party vendor, you’re basically trading flexibility at a low price.For example, Priceline provides what they call Priceline Express Deal Here you can book a hotel room at up to 60% off the advertised price, but the problem is that you don’t know exactly which hotel you’ll be staying at when you book.Instead, they just give you General map The location of the hotel and the guarantee that the hotel is the company’s “trusted partner”. You won’t know which hotel you are in until you actually book and pay for the room.

How to reveal the hidden hotel name of the priceline

Thanks to the Google Chrome extension created by redditor u / currentpangolin, But you can find the hotels offered.Use extensions TravelArrow, You can reveal the name of the hotel that Priceline is offering to you through their explicit transaction Previous You book it. TravelArrow uses that algorithm to predict hidden hotels offered by cross-referencing hotels in the areas listed, equipped with the facilities listed in the Priceline post.

Actively encourage Reddit users u / emotional chungus Explained their experience Using the app, I explain: “I found the name of Priceline Express Trading on my trip to SF and won a 5 star resort during my stay. I had decided on one of the two” hidden names “5-star hotels. , If you didn’t know the name in advance, [I] You would have chosen a clumsy one. “

This extension should help you save yourself from the anxiety of booking through a third party vendor. Of course, you can search for hotel reviews, but you can also cross-reference the prices listed on the vendor’s website with the prices listed on the hotel to see if it’s really a good deal. .. You’ll probably be grateful for removing the uncertainty from the equation, whether or not the advertised list contains water.

How to reveal the hidden hotel name of the priceline

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