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How to request house arrest instead of going to jail

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Home arrest may look like one of those special things That transaction Celebrities And the infamous ankle bracelet that is Punch line, but in reality home arrest Relatively standard sentences for celebrities and non-celebrities Similarly.In addition, you can actually If you meet certain criteria, request it as a statement.

What exactly is house arrest?

The Ministry of Justice maintains a featured virtual library A fairly brief review of house arrestAlthough this overview is from 1988. To tell, “House arrest is a judgment ordered by a court to keep a criminal locked up in his home and is usually allowed to leave only for medical and employment reasons.”

A Person sentenced to house arrest can Leave, but only for work, doctors, or other pre-approved scheduled events-and With permission. In at least 20 states, the whereabouts of people under house arrest are monitored by electronic bracelets.

According to the DOJ, the advantages of this type of sentence are::

  • Meet the needs of the community
  • Respond to the needs of individual criminals
  • Easy to implement
  • Timely

There are some drawbacks but, Like its ability to expand its social control network not to mention Focus on rehabilitation monitoring.Opponents also point to its invasion and racial and class prejudices in the choice of those who have been approved for house arrest...

Who can put house arrest at home?

Legal publisher Noro Some of The standard for house arrest is include:

  • The history of your crime is not that long
  • You are not considered a violent criminal
  • You are a juvenile criminal under the supervision of your parents
  • Your employment history is good and stable
  • Prison time will be too harsh for your crime, but probation is too generous

You may notice it Some of these criteria are fairly subjective. The judge will eventually call you to qualify, but if you think it’s right for you, it’s worth discussing the possibility with a lawyer or elected lawyer and requesting house arrest. I have. Please note that in some cases you will have to pay for electronic monitoring while providing the text...

The data show that Increased percentage of electronic ankle monitoring Between a pandemic and a researcher Estimate conservatively More than 130,000 people in the United States are under electronic monitoring.

What are the other drawbacks of house arrest?

In addition to the possibility that you will have to submit a bill for your own surveillance, there are other issues to consider before requesting house arrest. Opponent’s points With the rise of electronic surveillance as a way to detain people to corpse systems for longer periods of time, not only as an alternative punishment, but also when otherwise it is possible to make a quicker decision. Or just simply It will be probation.

You have faced a sentencing, Considering requesting house arrest, Please consult a lawyer Or the length of a public defender about what it really means in terms of cost and time.

How to request house arrest instead of going to jail

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