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How to replace CloudCam with a free Blink Mini

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Let’s start with some bad news: Amazon will end support for CloudCam this year.. The company launched its own security camera system in 2017, but it was completely closed in just five years after it hit the market.Good news Amazon offers Affected customers the Blink Mini for free, so security camera options aren’t left out.

As reported by MacRumors, Amazon will end support for Cloud Cam products and apps on December 2, 2022. “End of support” also means that. After the expiration date, the camera and app will not work and all data will not work. Deleted, including all saved recordings.It gives you about 6 months Save all videos in your Cloud Cam app before they’re completely gone.

If you are a happy CloudCam user, this news can be a bit shocking. Most of us don’t expect the product to be completely useless when the manufacturer of the product arbitrarily decides it’s time. After all, most technologies can be used or diverted after the company ends support. WEven if you don’t receive updates or new features, you can usually expect to use some or all of the features you originally paid for, at least until the product stops working on its own. Not this time.

Amazon will give you a blink mini for your cloud camera

Based on the comments section of the article reporting this news, customers seem to be a little burned by this business practice.Amazon probably saw it coming, and They seem to be trying to mitigate the blow by offering Free migration to Blink, a camera company acquired in the same year that Amazon launched CloudCam. As long as Cloud Cam is active at any point in the last 6 months Blink mini Per active CloudCam device on your account (usually $ 34.99).In addition, if you have a Cloud Cam Key Edition, with Blink Mini 4th generation echo..

again, Blink Subscription Plus 1 year subscriptionUsually runs for $ 10 per month /$ 100 a year. After the new year, you can decide if you want to renew your subscription and change to the base tier for $ 3 per month /$ 30 a year, or no subscription at all Significantly restricted Usefulness of Blink Mini. However, if you only need important features such as live view, motion alerts, and two-way audio, the free plan is useful.

You can get the free Blink Mini by email. Amazon needs to send a message to the email address associated with your CloudCam account If you qualify, detailed instructions on how to request a new camera and a new echo.

Unfortunately, that’s about the only step you can take As a CloudCam user. The device will stop working on December 2nd because Amazon requires the use of the CloudCam app to use these cameras.Perhaps someone will understand how to hack them with order to Save them at least from the junk heap, Until then, it’s a frustrating story for several reasons.Hesitate to buy products that require an app or account To work; Smart devices are a prime example, but cloud gaming is another.

I take the Kingdom hearts Nintendo Switch gamesfor example: When buying these titles on Switch, instead of buying the game, Only you Purchased access to stream the game via Cloud. If you have a good internet connection, it may seem okay at first, They will someday shut down the server for your game??It’s okay if Nintendo made the game available as a physical copy or download, but it’s because they don’t actually own the copy.You are out of luck.

Of these kinds Indeed, business practices are a concern.I’m OK Theoretically with subscriptionAs long as the cost is justified.But I’m not fine with throwing away the technology Just because it’s a company They decide that I don’t want to use it anymore.

How to replace CloudCam with a free Blink Mini

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