How to rent an RV for $ 1 a day

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The idea of ​​jumping on an RV with friends and family and exploring a completely secluded road on your own schedule can be quite compelling, at least until you look at rental prices. But if this sounds like what you want to do, Don’t be afraid of the high rental prices you may encounter. There is a way to use RV rental at a low price of $ 1 a day — bEven better, with some patience, you can even find a deal that includes gas benefits.

As a rule, these too good RV rentals are relocation rentals. This often means that the RV needs to move from point A to point B due to the seasonality of the destination. So if you want to get the best price, you need to be a little more flexible when and where to rent.

There are several websites that offer $ 1 RV rentals —Imoova, Transfer car When Cosheet The three most popular, and sometimes Find deals outside the United States.. The exact details of renting through each agency will vary (eg) Some rental fees charge and some do not), but most rental agencies require the lessor to be 21 years of age or older. Have a driver’s license for at least two years.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any of these rentals, RV relocations tend to be more popular in the summer when more people are renting RVs, and relocations are relatively short-lived. Please note that this option may not be because it is often posted on, which is great if you need to plan your trip long ago. RV relocation rentals are also usually limited to a certain number of days. This is because someone wants to pay the full amount of the rental and the overall goal is to get the RV to its destination.Therefore, the length of the trip is not very flexible, but it may be possible to pay an additional fee for the additional days (usually higher than $ 1 per day, but the full rental price). Not as expensive).

You also need to be fully aware of all terms and conditions of rental. How many miles are included? What is the mileage if you get over it? Is it possible to drive a rental at night? What is your insurance?

Before locking your rental, remember to consider the cost of arriving at your departure point and returning from your destination. However, if you find a transfer rental that suits you, you can: Enjoy the open road.

How to rent an RV for $ 1 a day

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