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How to remove tough stains from your white dish

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In addition to providing pure white canvas for meals, white dishes are a perennial favorite for their clean appearance.Therefore, if stubborn stains occur as a result of aging, wear and tear., Or certain foods-they can lose some of their appeal. There are several ways to get them back to their original color (or at least close to it).

baking soda

Whether you’re dealing with metal scratches or deep stains, baking soda may work.Sprinkle a decent amount baking soda Add a few drops of water to the dish or the surface of the dish. Mix it, spread it in a uniform layer throughout the dish and let it sit for a few minutes. Finally, rub it with a cloth until it is clean.

Potassium bitartrate

Do you have baking soda?Can be used using the same technique as above Potassium bitartrate Instead.

tooth paste

The white plate of stained glass pretends to be a huge tooth. Take a (clean) toothbrush, apply toothpaste containing baking soda, and polish the surface. Add toothpaste as needed. Rinse the plate well when dirt comes up.


If the stain does not go away, a longer term approach may be needed. One option is to find a dish or a container with a lid large enough to completely submerge the dish and add that much. Peroxide As it takes to cover it. Next, cover the container, leave it overnight, and check it in the morning.

If dirt still remains, keep it in the container until the plate is gone and add peroxide as needed. This process can take 2-4 weeks, especially for stubborn stains, but on the bright side, elbow grease is not needed.

How to remove tough stains from your white dish

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