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How to remove thin bacon from the package without breaking it

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I love bacon, but I hate bacon packaging. Difficult to open elegantly, impossible to reseal, difficult to remove bacon—An important step if you really want to enjoy bacon. (Also, what is the transaction with a random piece of paperboard? inside Packaging? Isn’t it just printing nutrition information on plastic? And what if the bacon is thin? Now, the bacon removal process is even more frustrating.

Thin bacon tends to cling to itself. The slices appear to be fused in a delicate place, resulting in a torn, torn, fused bacon bit mass. Buying thick bacon is one solution, but most of the time I actually prefer thin bacon (it wraps things better) because nothing beats the crispness.

I can’t fix the bacon packaging — maybe I should work on it! — —But I can give you a little trick to help you separate your thin bacon without tearing it: let it warm a little. Leaving the bacon on the counter for a while (for example, 10 to 15 minutes) will soften the fat and help it melt a little. It is fat that keeps bacon stuck.

Depending on the temperature of the kitchen, it can soften very quickly, so test-pull the strip a bit to see if it comes off easily. If not, leave it for another 5 minutes. When the bacon doesn’t stick, it’s ready to fry as usual.I’m a big fan Oven methodHowever, if you need to use a frying pan, be sure Cold frying pan Renders that fat slowly, giving the meat time to crunch. (Crispy feeling is the main point of thin bacon. I don’t want to put up with just waiting for the bacon to become loose like rubber.)

How to remove thin bacon from the package without breaking it

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