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How to remove stains from a dog’s white fur

Image of the article titled The white fur of your dog can be even whiter can make your dog’s white fur even whiter

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Whether you’re a cute little Maltese or a fluffy American Eskimo, you know that nothing is better than when your dog’s coat is bright and white. We also know that dogs don’t care much about aesthetics and are less likely to get caught in dirt and shake because their fur gets dirty.

White dogs require a slightly different kind of maintenance than brown, black and colorful dogs. This is because the coat tends to get dirty. And their fur It discolors dingy. There are several ways to tackle this problem.

Get some special shampoo for your white pouch

A special shampoo can be used to keep a white dog beautiful and bright, much like a blonde human can use a purple shampoo to eliminate seriousness and cool the tone in the shower during a color appointment. increase. The Hydra Whitening Shampoo A favorite among white puppy owners. The dog’s fur contains a yellowish optical brightener, but no bleach.

Pet care for quadrupeds We manufacture Whitener Brightener Color Enhanced Concentrated Shampoo. This works for all fur colors, but white ones are even brighter. It prevents oxidation by external factors such as air pollutants and the sun, and when the dog gets wet, the scent reactivates.

Be sure to follow the package instructions no matter what you use. After whipping the dog, consider leaving the optical brightener shampoo on the fur for about 5 minutes, rinsing and then following up with a brightening conditioner.

Try a dirty, dull coat DIY remedy

According to the experts above 4 legsYou can also head to your pantry looking for something to lighten your dog’s fur. Baking soda is, for example, a natural bleach that does not damage the coat. Make a paste with baking soda and water and brush the dirt. When it dries, wipe it off with a damp cloth. If the results are not perfect for the first time, you can repeat this process and follow up with shampoo.

Daily puppy There is another recipe you can try. Mix equal amounts of medicated 1% peroxide and magnesia milk and add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch until a paste is formed. Place the mixture on the stain, leave it for a few hours, and gently comb it when it dries. However, first consider using a conditioner to soften it.

Try some precautions to protect the whiteness of the coat

If you get your dog some of those adorable little raincoats, or if you’re afraid they’ll be muddy or otherwise oversized, you can ban them from going out without a leash. You can, but it’s probably not very fair for your beloved (and worthy) dog A good roll on filthy ground.

Still, there are ways to prevent large stains and discoloration. For example, urine stains need to be treated immediately. Urine stains can subside over time and become difficult to remove. If you catch the urine early, a damp cloth should work, but if not, you need to shampoo on the spot and leave the shampoo for about 5 minutes.

Please also perform daily maintenance. Put an equal amount of water and dog shampoo in a spray bottle and spray on a warm, damp cloth to wipe the puppy. Do it daily to keep them clean while washing.

Handle tear stains carefully

White dogs are also famous for their sticky tear stains around their eyes. These reddish-brown discolorations are a kind of terrible thing and can accumulate in a way that is unpleasant for your dog.Around CohepetsDiscoloration can be the result of pH imbalances, food allergies, or minerals in the puppy’s drinking water. Change the dog food and observe the changes before transferring to purified water.

Check with your veterinarian to make sure everything works for your dog, especially if tear stains appear out of nowhere. If your dog is healthy, groom your face. This is different from what you do to your body with a special shampoo. Use dog eyewashes and eyewash wipes to deal with dirt daily and prevent gangs from accumulating.

Finally, trim the hair around your eyes to avoid irritating your eyes or causing more tears. Do this only if you are completely confident in your ability to use scissors and your patience for the dog to stay still.If you are a little worried If one or both cannot handle this task, please contact the groomer. Groomer knows how to safely trim fur in the orbital area.

How to remove stains from a dog’s white fur

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