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How to remove mold from books (and prevent recurrence)

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Given the Health risks associated with mold, it’s not something you want in or near your home. Unfortunately, flooding, humidity, and/or improper storage can cause mold to grow on basically anything we own, including books.

Health concerns aside, mold can stain book pages. they fall apart and give They have an unmistakable musty smell. Also, if one book starts to grow mold, it can spread to other books in your collection if you don’t remove it. Here’s how to identify, remove, and prevent book mold outbreaks.

What does mold on books look like?

some most Common signs of mold on books Includes:

  • ambiguous growth (any color)
  • White threadlike filaments covering the porous surface
  • Evidence of past floods
  • black spots or smudges

mold grows on books can look like A patch of specks or a layer of flaky powder (usually white, black, or gray) covering the page or surface of a book.

how to remove mold from books

Unfortunately, once mold grows in and on your books, it’s not possible to get rid of it completely at home.according to American Library Association (ALA), the best you can do is freeze the moldy book (put it in a sealed freezer bag first) and then scrub the moldy areas with alcohol.

How to keep books from getting moldy

Tips to prevent mold from growing on books Store in a dry placeThis means storing them against the outside walls of your home, avoiding basements and closets. Also, the humidity in the storage room should be controlled as much as possible. Running a dehumidifier and fan (to promote air circulation) can help.

How to remove mold from books (and prevent recurrence)

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