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How to remove a broken light bulb from its socket

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Given the combination of glass shards and electricity, When a light bulb breaks while screwed into a lamp or other light fixture socket, it’s not a situation to take lightly.

Luckily, there are several ways to safely remove a shattered bulb from its socket without injuring yourself or damaging the lamp.here are some Consider.

safety first

before doing somethingit is very important that you remove lamps or luminaires from that power source. If a broken bulb is stuck in the lamp, simply unplug the lamp. For wired fixtures, turn off the switch, then turn off the power to the room at the breaker or fuse box.

Consider placing sheets or tarps under lamps and fixtures to catch glass shards that may come loose during your work. Also, wear gloves and safety glasses for the same reason.

How to remove a broken light bulb from its socket

Once you’ve taken the above safety precautions, it’s time to get started. Here are three methods to consider (besides using a broken bulb extractor):

use raw potatoes

Double check that the power is off. Wear gloves and safety glasses and use pliers to break the remnants of glass from the bulb. So, cut a potato in half (short way), push one of the halves into /Attach it to the socket so that it covers the base of the broken bulb. Twist the potato counterclockwise (use a towel to make it easier to grip, if needed).

pliers and patience

Sometimes you can get the job done Use pliers aloneIf the filament is intact and accessible, grab the base of the glass and turn the bulb counterclockwise until it twists.

If that doesn’t work, or if the filament is broken, place the pliers inside the base, open it as wide as possible, and press against the other side.

fast curing epoxy

In situations where none of the above methods work, or even possible, some quick cure epoxy and screwdriver It may be the solution you need.First, at the base of the broken light bulb epoxy, and stick a screwdriver down the middle (like you’re making popsicles). Once the epoxy has dried and hardened, remove the base of the bulb by turning the screwdriver counter-clockwise.

How to remove a broken light bulb from its socket

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