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How to remember to take medicine

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Americans, on average, Juggling About 12 prescription drugs.. WThis number is certainly Distorted by older people who have piled up a lot of pills, Many of us are prescribed the prescription drugs needed to take EVVery day. Bas a whole, We are not very good at doing that— —One study showed Incredible 50 percent of Americans do not follow their dosing scheduleThat means skipping the dose on a regular basis or simply forgetting the medicine completely..

Ironically, oReasons for our oblivion may be lie in Method We try to help ourselves remember: Many of us are looking at gadgets, apps, and other tools to help with pathetic memories. But these methods It doesn’t work. The most effective way to remember to take your medicine involves completely zero techniques.

reminder The app doesn’t work

There are many techniques There are tools designed to remember to take medicine.There is Smartphone app Send an alert, Elaborate pillbox system to talk to youFlat Smart pill dispenser It not only reminds you to take your medicine, but also manages it Distribute your dose. Life in the future seems to be wonderful.

It doesn’t work except for these tools.Studies show that the use of medication reminder devices has no effect on adherence-That is correct, zero.. One reason is that these reminders really Remind us that we are illOr we weren’t as young as ever, and its negative implications are actually Will decrease Possibility to take medicine as instructed. Or, once you get used to reminders, reminders can become invalid. How you can sleep through your alarm clock several times a week.

Habit stacking Key

So what can you do if technology can’t take life-saving medicines? The answer is actually very simple. Accumulation of habits..

You almost certainly have already established a host of healthy and positive behavior.You brush your teeth twice a day, take a shower, prepare a meal, and maybe Set aside the scheduled time for exercise. These habits are already rooted in your routine when you travel somewhere. You’ll be anxious until you understand how to start a workout. You do not need to be notified to do these things. A part of your daily life.

The secret is to “piggy back” Existing new prescription.. Taking the pill before brushing your teeth connects the two actions. Immediately, you don’t have to think consciously about the pill. Just take a pill every morning when you step into the bathroom. You can piggyback the pill on any daily habit.If you are supposed to take your medicine Put your medicine bottle in the kitchen with lunch Or maybe everything you need to do in your lunch bag.

It may take some time For new habits to be permanent (actually) number setting Time to burn habits— You have to keep it until it happens), but if you connect to something that has already been successfully established, you can do a lot. Easier. The key to success is choosing existing habits that are in line with prescription timing and other necessities. Whether it’s time of the day Need to take medicine With food, or other considerations.

One thing is certain: more tablets will be taken to live longer...Understanding how to remind yourself to take them now will save you a lot of confusion laterWhen your breakfast is ready More tablets than food..

How to remember to take medicine

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