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How to refill prescriptions early

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You may have heard the advice (from us, and even more!) Pack extra meds when you go on vacation or keep a ton of supplies in your emergency preparedness kit. But where are you supposed to get all those extra doses if the drugs you take regularly are prescription drugs?

Prescription refills are usually only possible when the supply is nearing its end. However, most drugs can be replaced early in some cases. Reasons that are usually allowed are:

  • You need extras so that you can go on vacation, survive your trip, and have enough in case your trip is delayed.
  • Medicines were lost or stolen.
  • Weather emergencies can occur along the way —For example, if the forecast predicts hurricanes in your area.

You may also be able to obtain early fill for other reasons, such as when you leave your job. Although policies vary, This Redit thread Some people have reported being able to get “vacation” refills in such cases without pretending to go on vacation.

How to request early replenishment

The process of requesting early refills involves interactions between pharmacists and insurance companies, and may involve providers. For this reason, you should ask about refills when you still have plenty of time, and not the day before you leave for vacation.

generally, The pharmacist must request an override from the insurance company. This process can be quick, but you may have to call during business hours and wait for a response. If you have several days’ warnings of a problem prompting you to get early refills, contact your pharmacy immediately.

the initial replenishment No Usually available in controlled drugs such as opioids. Talk to your pharmacist about what you’re eligible for and your options if you can’t refill everything early. If you are traveling, you may be able to have your prescription forwarded to your destination pharmacy.

In some states, pharmacies are expressly permitted to dispense early refills in an emergency. In Florida, for example, if the governor declares a state of emergency, the pharmacist can dispense her 30 days of essential medicines and then notify health care providers. at the CDC Click here for a list of prescription emergency state laws.

How to refill prescriptions early

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