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How to reduce screen time without apps, according to Reddit

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there is lots of features Help reporting your screen time, more than recommended, knowledge is really not enough. Here are some tips from Redditors on how to spend less time on your phone. No more app downloads.

Divide phone use into necessary and unnecessary time

The first thing you should do is figure out how your phone is being used. After all, the phone has replaced notepads, newspapers, and nearly every other form of personal and professional communication.maybe you actually more You will find that you can be productive while using your device for long periods of time and that it will help you feel less guilty.

One Reddit user said, “What you really need to reduce is not screen time, but time wasted on unproductive bullshit on your phone.” Your phone comes pre-installed with a screen time tracker. are likely to be using it, and you want to break down usage by app.Go through the list and pull out anything that seems useless, but even on social media can Make it informative and helpful according to your desires for current events and job descriptions.

That same user suggested removing notifications for “all but the most important apps” and uninstalling games and social media apps that don’t help you be productive. The first step is to identify the apps that need throttling. Then work to actually reduce them (or eliminate them altogether).

Keep your cell phone away from you (it’s harder than you think)

You can toggle app “restrictions” using the phone itself, simply avoid them anytime. Instead, try to keep your cell phone away from you. “While doing other things—eat, read, watch TV, talk with friends, study, work—Keep your mobile phone out of reach. Put your phone in another room if you’re doing something sensitive.’ said the same user.

Practice this physical and mindful activity, and don’t be discouraged if it takes you some time to stop going to another room to check your notifications. Scripps recommendations No eating in front of a screen, and keep them from your bedroom—especially at bedtime.

It may be useful to be able to focus on something else while eating or relaxing. No need to read books or do tasks that need to be completed. your phone. Suggested by another user, “For example, after breakfast, I always sit in this one chair and spend a lot of time on Reddit.” You can try to break that pattern, such as “

Make your phone less attractive

1 user suggested same advice we gave many years ago: the display grayscale. If you don’t enjoy looking at your phone, you may not be as attracted to it. One step further by removing the cool Backgrounds, fun fonts, or attractive widgets. keep everything as basic as possible, So You can get the information you need without it. extra eye care suck you in

Suggested by another user Getting an older model phone is cheap and effective in reducing all the apps you can use. You can still use Spotify to send texts, but it will be harder to install updated versions of most apps. This means limiting most of your technology-enabled productivity to your computer, but using it only during set hours at work or at home. One user called this a “delayed appreciation” And I’m starting to look forward to the time I set out to engage with technology instead of pulling out my phone whenever the urge strikes.

How to reduce screen time without apps, according to Reddit

Source link How to reduce screen time without apps, according to Reddit

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