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How to Recycle Fisher-Price Toys for Free

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If you have children, you may have too many toys. Even if you don’t buy a lot, grandparents’ gifts, birthday and Christmas gifts, and Goody seem to be constantly flowing in.bag Stolen goods, and uncontrollable toys from neighbors and friends. It can create a very crowded, cluttered playroom. (And the kitchen, family room, basement … because all toys inevitably move).

When your little kids eventually make them too big (or throw them into the trash until they no longer work), the problem becomes: What do you do with them all?? It’s easy to sell or donate used toys to friends, family, and local charities, but if your pirate ship or cashier is worn out and broken and can’t be donated safely, you can throw it in the trash. — Feeling guilty about the environment is less important — or you can participate Mattel’s “regeneration” programDesigned to retrieve and reuse materials found in toys for use in future Mattel products.

At the end I wrote about the program, It is only available in the US and Canada and has only accepted Barbie, Matchbox, and Mega brands.Recently it has expanded to include Fisher price Products (including Laugh & Learn, Little People and Imaginext brands) are now available in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Designed to help Mattel reach that Corporate goals By 2030, with 100% recyclable, recyclable, or biophase plastic materials in all products and packaging, the PlayBack program will enable families to: Easy registration For the program to receive a prepaid shipping label by email. All you have to do is print the label, remove the battery from the toy and put it in the box (no cleaning or repair required under any circumstances. Frequently Asked Questions) And drop them at your local post office. The decapitated Ken dolls and megablocks all head to the company’s processing site in East Aurora, NY, to embark on an upcycling journey.

Whenever possible, we will collect the still usable materials of the old toys so that they can be reused in new products. According to Mattel, “For materials that cannot be reused in new toys as recycled content, downcycle those materials to other plastic products or convert waste to energy.”

It’s not clear what that means, but to be precise, the PlayBack program definitely solves the problem for many parents who want to be able to do even the smallest things to keep excess plastic away from landfills. To do.

How to Recycle Fisher-Price Toys for Free

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