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How to recover Microsoft Office files you forgot to save

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You are working diligently on an Excel spreadsheet and all The numbers are accurate and you can see everything very. You are a machine. Nothing will stop you from getting this job done and impressing your boss. however, for blackouts Shut down your PC before saving.now Either start over, or quit your job and never look back.

Not so fast: Not saving your work is a bit risky, but losing such a document is not a death sentence. If for some reason you accidentally close an Office document without saving it, you don’t have to start over. There’s an easy way to get your files back with the recovery tools built into the Office apps you use.

If you’re working on a document in Word, Excel, or another Office app,[保存]Files aren’t just backed up when you press a button. The app in question has the data for that file stored in a roaming folder in her AppData folder in her user account. This folder, which is usually invisible to most users, stores data from various Windows apps in your user account.

Most likely, you will find your recently closed unsaved Office documents here. There are two main ways to find it. The first method is the easiest and most direct, as it takes you directly to the roaming folder containing the missing document.First, open the first closed app and click on the top left[ファイル]Click the tab to[情報]Choose. Then click Manage Documents, then click Restore Unsaved Documents. Here you will see files that you have closed without saving. select the file and[名前を付けて保存]Click to avoid losing it again.

If you want to feel a little more “technical”, there is a slightly more advanced method you can use to achieve the same result. Press Windows + R to open the Run window. Then type %appdata% and run it to open the roaming folder. From here, follow the file path to the app’s folder (for example, open the Microsoft folder, then the Word folder). This is the folder you can access directly in the first method, so you should see the missing files. Open and save it again.


How to recover Microsoft Office files you forgot to save

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