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How to recover from moral wounds

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most of us are familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is triggered by witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. Those who suffer from PTSD often experience a range of mental health symptoms, including nightmares, flashbacks, severe anxiety, and memories of uncontrollable events. But, as psychologists are beginning to discover, In addition to PTSD ((This has to do with physical security.)people can also develop what is known as “moral injury”—When witnessing or committing an action that is contrary to personal values ​​and beliefs.

Soul Console: Healing from Mental Damage.

What is a “moral injury”?

The idea of ​​moral injury was first developed while treating Vietnam War veterans.ar, many of them, whether they failed to save the lives of others, engaged in or witnessed acts of violence, or were frozen, committed, or committed by others. I was dealing with emotional distress over the behavior I witnessed Did not report ethical violations or in particularly dangerous moments.

While moral injury has occurred in the context of treating veterans, there are many other situations in which a person may experience similar experiences. if they personally commit acts against oneself own beliefs; experience A sense of betrayal due to the actions of loved ones, such as parents or partners. or discover your church school.

Moral damage is inherently about loss of trust, whether it is loss of trust in oneself, another person, or an organization. ‘Betrayal is a big part of moral injury,’ says therapist Michele Demarco Said“It is very relational that underlies moral injury.”

How can we heal moral wounds?

T.here No consensus yet on what the best treatments are for moral injury Whether the strategies used to treat PTSD are also applicable.Healing is Things are compounded by the fact that morally wounded people tend to withdraw and isolate themselves. “They feel like they’re polluted or the world is polluted and they need to protect themselves,” DeMarco said.

As DeMarco points out, moral injury can be completely exacerbated.End your understanding of who you are and the world you live in. “Ultimately, it’s a loss of innocence.”

While there is still much to learn about how best to heal moral wounds, DeMarco notes that part of the process involves coming to terms with the world we are currently experiencing, including the loss of innocence. It states that it must be included in

“It’s about learning with compassionate honesty that life can be sad, and finding a way to live with it,” DeMarco said.

Another important aspect of healing is finding ways to connect with others.”Healing requires reconnection and bonding.‘ said DeMarco. In some cases, it also involves evaluating which relationships are essential and which can be let go..

In her work, DeMarco says that writing can be a way to open people up to what happened and its implications, even if it’s just for themselves. , also found that it can provide relief to those suffering from moral injury.

Doing this gives people access to a “little kernel of truth”,” This can be used to understand what happened. As DeMarco puts it, the big problems are: “How do you plant it? [kernels of truth] How to keep me from being a fetus and allow me to grow in a new light?”

How to recover from moral wounds

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