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How to Reconnect After a Friendship Breakup

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perhaps more than romantic relationships Friendships are vital to our health and well-beingAccording to researchRon Friendship Bonds Helps you live a longer, healthier, more interesting life. However, friendship is possible have all the ups and downs of marriage: We laugh, we cry, and sometimes we part. In such a case, It’s natural to miss your former accomplice and wish to reconcile and repair the relationship.But how do you know if a friendship is restorable?

according to Dr. Carla GoodwinPhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Worthy Choice try to revive friendship start with you. “If [you] I strongly feel [you] If you want to repair your relationship [you] We should take steps to do so.”.if there wasit’s best to move on,” says Goodwin. “Toxic relationships are usually not worth salvaging. ”

if you believe in friendship teeth rescue possibleor at least it’s worth trying to reconnect, but you can’t figure out how to reach someone after a big drop-off, here are some tips to take it further Smoothly.

Consider the events of the breakup before reaching out

Before you talk to your friend, a Philadelphia-based therapist Hannah Guy, suggest careful consideration of What happened that caused the rift between you and what you regret How made me feel

“Let’s say your friend promises to come to your birthday dinner, and then you promise to let her go out with you,” she says.“This will probably make you feel hurt, angry, disappointed, or even disrespectful. THis problem isn’t really about your birthday. The issue is that your friend’s actions made you feel like you were lowering your priorities. And it hurt your feelings.

Suggested by Guy ask yourself Friendship brings into your life: “Does being around them make you a better person? Do you really enjoy being with them? Or are you relieved that you no longer need to be around them? ”

When you reach out to your friend, she says, avoid getting entangled details of what happened; concentration More about the emotional undercurrent tells us what the breakup really was.

Connect as calmly and honestly as possible

If you decide to reach out to your friends, says Goodwin, calmly and rationally in public places if it helps“Before you speak, listen to your friends. Honesty and transparency are great communication tools. So tell them how you really feel and then be open to their reactions.. “Don’t get hung up on the situation.one time [argument] It doesn’t matter if it’s buried, and there’s no point in bringing it up in the future once you’ve made up your mind. Apologize if necessary. Once the apology is resolved, you can work on repairing the friendship. ”

this’Some are more than your own gestures of reconciliation.As Goodwin pointed out, it depends on the victim Whether the friend accepts the apology, if offered, and that You need to decide if it’s worth repairing the friendship and consider why you broke up.

What to do if your friends don’t want to make up

Your intentions may come from good places, but the reality is that your ex-friend may not want to patch things up.

‘It’s always hard,’ says Guy“It’s important to understand that you can’t force someone to forgive you or be your friend. All you can do is focus on what you do. What you can do to restore your friendship If you feel like you’ve done your best and they’re still not interested in making up, you should move on.”

accept won’t proceed with any Easierof course. it’s common go to experience A kind of grieving process—Just like we experience in response to any kind of loss. “If, after some time, you find yourself still struggling to reconcile, [with the end of the friendship]it is always helpful to seek support from a therapist.Guy To tell.

How to mend a second friendship

If you and your friend move on and agree to be friends again, it’s normal to feel a little awkward at first.This is why Guy believes Focusing on the big picture is important. “Tell each other why your friendship is important,” she says. “When things get tough, get back together and remind each other about the importance of friendship. ”

Add Goodwin. “Like honesty and transparency, communication skills are important in any relationship. When both sides are willing to apologize and move on, a stronger relationship foundation is set for moving forward. Transparency is good (if not the best))Communication tool.

How to Reconnect After a Friendship Breakup

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