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How to react to road rage when your child is in the car

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I’m not entirely sure why the truck driver got so angry with me Zipper merge —this is Proper How to mergethank you very much-However He is very clear I didn’t like it and his horn let me know it..I was driving A lot of minivans Children 6-8 years old To school and transportation Unusually heavy On this particular morning. A few minutes later, one of the children I noticed that the same truck driver was flipping another car. They recently knew what it meant to raise the middle finger, which caused a lot of excitement in our car.

“He feels sick today, right?” I said truck Approaching the We again with crawl traffic. Sure enough, The truck saddles beside us and the driver bestows itto us Double middle finger.

How Me Reacted to the anger of the road

The vengeful son muttered.I prepared his finger, but I had a better idea. The traffic was so slow that we were still right next to the truck driver, so I instructed All three children Laugh as loud as you can and wave to him.. I told themthat’s why As cute as possible. “

I saw the reaction of the truck driver As they did. He waved his hand and even smiled at them. He and I made eye contact. He looked contempt. We reached a truce and the rest of the ride was safe.

It was very self-righteous When I told the story to others, I wondered if I should I’m away enough by myself.I didn’t know how deep his anger was, and I didn’t know if he had weapons in the car or what it took to feel he justified using them.

How should do it React to the wrath of the road with children in the car

I asked David ClarkA Michigan lawyer, how I should have reacted at that moment, and he told me: The law Depends on state, “Your only course of action is to take a defensive position. It is important to protect minors from the turmoil. Participating in an attack can put you at risk for your child. ”

I certainly wasn’t Aggressive.. passive-But aggressive? yes.

I advised before These methods Respond to road anger To spread the situation instead of escalating:

  • Unobtrusive if possible
  • Set your pride aside (do nothing to make them even more hostile)
  • Do not make eye contact
  • Empathize (assuming something unrelated to this case is happening completely with them)

I did some wrong things. I made eye contact that I didn’t usually do.I couldn’t really do it Run away at that moment, But in a real emergency, I You could have used your shoulders.When By ashaming him with cute kids I wasn’t Especially empathetic — and that’s the moment when it’s taught You might have been in when the kid was in the car with you You can use Road Rage episodes to talk to them How sometimes people seem so angry about such things Small crime, there actually It is deep Sadness under anger. Maybe they just received really bad news, which is causing them a normal reaction.

You You can report unsafe or offensive driving to the state DMV or police.For this driver Those who were driving commercial vehicles can call their employer.For you (or passengers) You can do so safelyYou can also Shoot them for the police.

Or you can However Let it go and keep your day safe.

How to react to road rage when your child is in the car

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