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How to raise chickens even if you live in the city

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As long as the pet goes Chickens are incredibly useful to have around: A Pet chickens lay eggs and eat food scraps and common garden pests, When Their poop can be used for compost. Raising chickens Is also a good way for Children learn where their food comes from and the work required to bring those eggs to the table.But if you live in a city and lack important landYou may think it’s not really an option for you, but you may be wrong.

Is it possible to keep chickens in the city?

If you live in the city and want to keep chickens The first thing to do is to check the local law. This may be easier to accept than you think. for example, cHoustonWhere you might I think chickens will be big. “number,” If you have a hut, you are legally allowed to have up to 30 of them that Church, school, Or the next house. ((((You cannot keep roosters because of the noise. )

However, it is advisable to discuss it with your neighbors in advance...Even so teeth Legally, at least raising their heads to them is polite (and promises to give a gift) With them Fresh eggs).

Have a dedicated chicken coop

When raising chickens in the city, Private chicken coop, There is space for them to roam and there is a high place where they can roost.In addition to giving them a dedicated space for spawning, the hut Protect them predator..Types of predators you need to worry about Different cities and countries —I think it’s rats, raccoons, hawks, dogs, and even humans —But they do exist.

If you want your chicken to be able to walk around a bit (and Eat pests from your garden)You will want a high fence to prevent them from escaping from your yard-aAnd it’s best to put them out only for a short period of time, such as in the evening when you’re around.

Chicken needs a clean hut in addition to fresh food and water

When it comes to that Keep your chicken healthy and happyThey need fresh food, In addition to water, a clean hut that helps prevent the spread of all illnesses. Ideally, they should be given fresh food and water daily, but there are some feeders that allow them to be replenished with food weekly. In addition to chicken food, chickens eat fruit and vegetable scraps, bread and insects.

You will want to clean and disinfect food and water containers on a regular basis, approximately weekly or so. Fresh water is especially important in the summer, as chicken tends to overheat.In Co-op, you will want to change the hay once or twice a week, and tTwice a year you should Perform a deep clean.

How to raise chickens even if you live in the city

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