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How to prevent the cutting board from slipping

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To eat broccoli, Cut broccoli, And to carve broccoli, you need two (sharp) blades and a (stable) surface.of In addition, keep the knife sharp, Stabilization your The cutting board is an important part of Safer Slicing, dicing, Chopping experience.Cutting a wobbling slip surface is dangerous, but fortunately there are many ways to maintain it. The cutting board is in place.

You can use Wet dish towel or paper towel, rubber band,or Shelf liner, However, if you do a lot of baking, you are probably free to use another stabilization tool. Silicon Baking Mat (or Silpat if you are interested in French brands).

Like this little Cheese crumble hackThis came from Cook’s Illustrated July and August print magazines:

Many cooks like to stabilize the chopping board with a damp paper towel or cloth. Instead, Randy Andrews of Henderson, Nevada got a silicone baking mat or table tripod so that nothing was wasted or washed.

As a clumsy person who likes not to waste things When Don’t wash things, this is elegant hack..Similar to a shelf linerSilicone baking mats are endlessly reusable, and their natural stickiness means there is no reason to entrain water Will do With a plate or paper towel.

As For those who don’t bake too much, it feels good to use the silicone baking mat for another purpose. Currently sitting in my pantry, waiting, expecting To see a little action.In fact, everything we talk about silicone mats reminded me of their role. Make it crunchy Peanuts are fragile Unlike baked goods,I am something Enjoy actually making it. Maybe the next time you chop and brit ring peanuts, use one to secure the chopping board.

How to prevent the cutting board from slipping

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